Revision Heck

I am in the middle of revisions so this will be a fairly short post. About, uh, Regency stuff. Like uh,

Handsome men!

Google books to the rescue.  I found this bit of dialogue to be very funny. Well done, Elizabeth Inchbald! (1815)

Sadly, searching Google Books for “handsome man” 1800-1820 was an exercise in disappointment, other than the above. Most of the references were misogynistic in the extreme. Alas.

So, who’s handsome?

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Elena Greene
12 years ago

Um, I’ll take one of each, please.

What a lovely way to start my morning writing session. 🙂

12 years ago

Thank you… sigh. I just spent way too much time on YouTube watching fan videos. What was I doing again?

12 years ago

My work here is done . . .

12 years ago

Oh, Elizabeth Inchbald! I almost did my dissertation on her — well, her and Hannah Cowley, the two women writing successfully for the stage in that period. High Life was a favorite of mine.

Thanks for the day-brightener!

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

Sigh. Here in Virginia it just rains rain.

You should be in revision hell more often, Carolyn! (what am I saying???) I mean, I hope it goes as painlessly as hell can go.

Margaret Evans Porter
12 years ago

David Garrick wrote High Life Above Stairs in 1775. Inchbald’s first play The Mogul Tale wasn’t produced till 1783, though she did provide critical remarks about High Life in her collection of British Farces, and I believe performed it as an actress.
An an Inchbald biographer & theatre historian, couldn’t help setting the record straight! Elizabeth would want credit to go where credit is due!

Jane George
12 years ago

Oh Happy Procrastination!

And as to who’s handsome, I vote for my DH. He looks like George Carlin and has a personality just like Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls. Perfection.

Oh all right, I’m going back to work.

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

What a lovely thing to say about one’s DH, Jane George!

12 years ago

Thanks for the videos. I have played IT’S RAINING MEN about 4 times now. Great fun. I am so glad they gave a list of the movies at the end. I was surprised at how few I had seen. I’ll be looking for them.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe

Great video. I feel all inspired now. Good luck with the revisions!

12 years ago

Like librarypat, I’ve watched this video more often than is probably good for me, but it makes me happy, so why not. Thank you, Carolyn. You’ve not only provided so many great looking men for us to sigh over, but if you’re in Revision He** it means the rest of us are that much closer to having one of your books to enjoy.

Question: who is the actor who appears at the beginning just after Jeremy Northam and right before Matthew Macfadyen?

12 years ago

That “Raining Men” video is one of my ALL-TIME favs! It was the reason I watched North and South and Wives and Daughters, as well as made it my goal to watch all of Austin. And I dragged a whole lot of friends into it all with me. I LOVE THAT VID! Thank you thank you thank you Dreamy Viper!

12 years ago

SusanDC asked: Question: who is the actor who appears at the beginning just after Jeremy Northam and right before Matthew Macfadyen?

It’s Dan Stephens and the role is Edward Ferrars in the 2008 version of Sense and Sensibility.

12 years ago

Lisa, thanks for answering that question for SusanDC because I did not know the answer!

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