Post Post Syndrome and a Poll

Yesterday I turned in revisions for my June 2011 paranormal, My Dangerous Pleasure. I’m already two days behind for NaNoWriMo and will be starting The Next Historical immediately.

So, Carolyn, when are you going to talk about the Regency?

Shut up.

Is that your lame way of avoiding telling anyone you didn’t have a blog post ready because you were busy with revisions and watching election returns?

Maybe. Check out this hilarious site Famous inboxes: Miss Elizabeth Bennett

I knew it. And stop trying to distract me.

Nobody likes a know it all. Is it working?

The truth hurts, baby.

I think it’s time for a poll.

Discuss in the comments.

About carolyn

Carolyn Jewel was born on a moonless night. That darkness was seared into her soul and she became an award winning and USA Today bestselling author of historical and paranormal romance. She has a very dusty car and a Master’s degree in English that proves useful at the oddest times. An avid fan of fine chocolate, finer heroines, Bollywood films, and heroism in all forms, she has two cats and a dog. Also a son. One of the cats is his.
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Elena Greene
11 years ago

Congrats on completing the revisions and best wishes for NaNoWriMo!

I was torn between annoying relations (I have some that are not unlike hers) and politics. I think it would be fun to discuss any of these topics with Elizabeth. She’s that sort of character, intelligent but not above a little idle fun.

11 years ago

You can choose multiple answers!

I’m trying hard to remember I can have a demon or mage drop in to attack someone in the historical . . .

I agree in re convo with EB. Would love to dish with her.

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

Um… Carolyn… we used the same device to cover up for not having a blog post. I also linked to Elizabeth Bennett’s Inbox!!!

Great minds think alike!

I voted!

Louisa Cornell
11 years ago

Loved Elizabeth Bennet’s inbox. Too cute! Funny that while politics came in first, cute shoes and guys who think they are all that tied for second!

Tracey Devlyn
11 years ago

Fun post! Congrats on the revisions and have fun with NaNo.

11 years ago

Thanks, everyone.