Secret Scot Baby

Help me!

I finished the novella I titled “Secret Scot Baby” a few weeks ago, and sent it to my agent for her review. I now have to think of a title that doesn’t suck, or make me laugh, both of which this title does. When I first began it, all I knew was that I wanted the heroine to be an English widow living in Scotland and the hero is a Scot who served in the war, and has unexpectedly inherited a viscountcy (The people I based the characters’ looks on are here, just for some nice visual interest). A good friend–Myretta Robens–came up with a compelling reason for them to meet, and that reason is the baby the widow’s late husband fathered while away from home.

Here’s the brief blurb (it’s a Regency-set historical, which isn’t clear from this. D’oh!):

A weary soldier returns to Scotland from the battlefront bringing a fallen comrade’s baby—to the house of the comrade’s widow.

Katherine doesn’t know what to make of the man who arrives on her doorstep, and knows even less what to make of the baby Mac says was fathered by her late husband—and now has no home but hers to go to.

I have to write the synopsis, too, but I won’t ask for help with that (although I do not promise not to whine about it!). Any suggestions for a title are welcome!


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Janet Mullany
12 years ago

Er. But wouldn’t he show up with a wetnurse as part of the retinue, which might cut into the romantic tension a bit? Or will the heroine spontaneously lactate?

Seeds of a Foreign Field
Surprise in his Sporran

Ok, I’ll stop now.

Megan Frampton
12 years ago

Janet! Don’t ruin the mystery! Babies run on flowers and ‘och, laddie’s, don’t you know?

(He has no retinue. Just him and the little guy).

12 years ago

The Laird and the Love Child?

Diane Gaston
12 years ago

I’m horrible on titles, Megan, but I like Deb’s suggestion. Janet’s?….not so much….

And I love the story premise!!

12 years ago

“A Stranger’s Arms” or “Into a Stranger’s Arms”

Because the baby is going to live with not-his-mother, and the widow is going to hook up with not-her-husband, so it works on both levels.

Though “Seeds of a foreign field” is pretty funny…

Louisa Cornell
12 years ago

Oh I don’t know. I like Surprise in His Sporran. Works on so many levels!

How about

Love’s Legacy or A Legacy of Love ?

Vows and Promises

The Scotsman’s Gift

(I suck at this too! Off to give it more thought.)

Elena Greene
12 years ago

It’s been a brain-frying week and I’m terrible at titles, too. I’ll think about it.

LOL on Surprise in His Sporran! Seriously though, I think getting something Scottish into the title is a good idea. 🙂

Louisa Cornell
12 years ago

The Highlander’s Vow?a

Jeanne M
12 years ago

I think the title should bring you into the book looking for a quest and a miracle.

My suggestion is to suggest not state so I propose: “But for a Moment in Time”

Megan Frampton
12 years ago

You guys!

Such great ideas here. I’m going to compile them all and let my brain stew on it for awhile.

I SO appreciate the help.

12 years ago

Hearts Know No Boundaries

Ugh, I’m usually better at titles. This one is a bit of a stumper.

Adopt a Kilt

Okay, that one is a bit tongue in cheek. Is it a dark regency?

Dead Men and Their Ladies *laughs-breathes Okay, done laughing. That title sounds like a vampire for dummies book or something 😀 Was thinking of the multiple women in two mens’ lives.

Dead Man’s Folly
Widow’s Sorrow

The Widow and Child
The Widow’s Orphan
The Scot’s Widow

All these titles are starting to give me story ideas LOL

Good luck with finding a great title!

PS I thought of a few more that made me laugh. However, I was afraid you would think I was making fun of your premis, which I happen to really like!

Megan Frampton
12 years ago


Make fun, please! Janet started the whole mockingness, I have no issues with it at all.

(And thanks for your ideas).

Elena Greene
12 years ago

I was going to make a suggestion, but my verification word is “emetic”! LOL

OK, just an idea, hope it isn’t gag-worthy. Does your hero’s name sound Scottish? Could you do something like So-and-so’s Honor (Vow, Promise, etc…)

12 years ago

Hi Megan,

I don’t remember them all, but they ran along these lines 😀

Moor Power to You
Two Men in a Skirt
What’s Up Your Kilt (In my area, there’s been a recent rash of ads for colon cancer checks. It runs with “what’s up your butt?” It is soooo bad!)

When Skirts Are Lifted by Highlanders

Seriously though, what about
The Widow’s Inheritance? I kind of like that one on a lot of levels…

PS my wedding was scottish and my husband and his groomsmen all wore kilts! it was way awesome 😀

Susan in AZ
12 years ago

I guess I’m sort of silly today. I liked:

Scotsman’s Souvenir
Och, Baby!
What the Scot Dragged In
Rescued by a Scot (the Baby’s POV)
Ten Toes, Who Knows?
A Little Scot Music
If I Had a Baby

Susan in AZ

Jane George
12 years ago

The Wee Bastard
Love is a Battlefield

Seriously, I like the honor or promise concept that’s been mentioned, especially Louisa’s Highlander’s Vow.

And the story sounds great!

Heather Snow
12 years ago

Okay, The Wee Bastard made me snort my coffee…

Hmm. Babes in Kilts ( a little double entendre?)

Seriously, I think The Highlander’s Vow is my favorite so far.

Good luck with both the title and the story! Sounds great.

Cathy P
12 years ago

I like the premise of this story.

How about:

Katherine’s Surprise Baby
Mac’s Surprise
The Scot’s Surprise
The Scot’s Secret

12 years ago

THE SOLDIER’S GIFT or A FALLEN SOLDIER’S GIFT – it all depends on how many ways you want to be able to interpret it.
1. He sent her a child they had wanted to have (but not by surrogate) .
2. Th soldier bring a baby she has longed for to her.

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