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First off, thanks to all who suggested titles–facetious and not–for my Secret Scot Baby story last week. I compiled a list of them and sent them off to my agent for her review.

Second, I have done no writing this week. None. Nada. Zilch. I have barely even thought about writing either. This is because,

Third, I have taken on a part-time job that has me trekking into an office three days a week. It is working with something I love (books and romance), but it is a big change. I expect I will adjust in the next couple of weeks, but for right now, it’s been all I can handle to dress like an adult and show up somewhere on time.

Fourth, those pesky holidays. Yes, I love them and all, but they take a lot of work, especially since The Particular Spouse is . . . particular. I have failed at finding the perfect black sweater vest, a wooden iPhone case and a particular NY Knicks jacket (no, he never visits over here, so no spoilage). I have succeeded in getting some cooking gadgets and books, and I plan on buying a particular type of super-peaty Scotch, but I am not sure that will suffice.

And Fifth–wait, is there a fifth? Oh, yes, a fifth: My agent is out with two manuscripts, both of which are in various stages of consideration, and I am hopeful of some positive outcome with one or both of them. I’m not holding my breath, and I know that my writing won’t sell at all unless I actually write, so I am planning on doing some writing this weekend with my friend Liz Maverick, while the Frampton Boys are out of town.

Sixth, who’s the hardest person to shop for on your list? What are you getting them?


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Louisa Cornell
11 years ago

Who is the hardest person on my list? Hmm. That is a tough one. Some years it is my Mom and some years it is my youngest nephew, Aaron. He is fifteen this year and that is just a tough age for which to buy. And as I usually by the two nephews and the niece at least one book it is getting even harder to buy for Aaron.

Actually both of my nephews are named Aaron. The elder is Aaron Bocephus, but we call him Bo. Yes, Bocephus is the middle name on his birth certificate.

A few years ago I bought all three of them the 40th anniversary leather-bound copy of To Kill a Mockingbird.

This year Mom is getting jewelry in spite of the fact that she says every year “I don’t need anything. Just come home for Christmas.” And she means it!

My ideal gift for her would be to take her to visit England and all of her friends in Kelsale. Maybe one day.

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

I make my holiday so easy…mostly because I gave up trying to find the right gift. My sisters and I decided years ago to give gift cards to each other…they get very creative and I, in the past, have just given them VISA gift cards but this year it is Amazon cards. See? I can be creative.

For my kids, niece and nephews, I also give money. Even easier, they prefer green paper to gift cards. My husband is also easy. He always finds some electronic device he buys for himself before Christmas.

I do try to have something for the family to open, but I don’t worry about those gifts being “perfect.”

For those out of town gifts, I send a Virginia favorite – Hubs Peanuts

Jeanne M
11 years ago

We have to wait too long for your books so your agent better get moving! Love your books so I hope we don’t havee to wait too long for the next release.

My early New Years wish is to have more time for reading so to help get that on the way I let my boss know I needed a big pay increase or a pay cut – I figured out I don’t make much more working 50 hours a week than working only 26 and collecting my social security!

Think of how many more books I’ll be able to read with all that time! I suggested the shorter hours and am looking forward to Jan. 1 with glee! Hope yours is a year to look forward to as well.

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

LOL–I had the opposite challenge this year, going from an office to working at home. Both ways can be a big challenge (I waste FAR too much time on the Internet now!)

I think Diane is right–gift cards are the answer to any gift dilemma! My brother is very hard to buy for–he lives in a tiny apartment, doesn’t read much, and only wants expensive gadgets for his bicycles. hence Target cards!

11 years ago

My husband is definitely the most difficult to shop for. He never admits to *wanting* anything, and while I know there are a few things he *needs*, he’s so particular that he’d have to go shopping with me to ensure I buy something he’d actually use.

11 years ago

I really don’t have anyone who is hard to shop for. I get things all year. I discovered I needed to grap things as I saw them or i’d forget, or they would be gone when I went to get them.

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