New Year’s Goals

My friend Michelle Butler of the Healthy Writer Blog talks of setting goals for the new year rather than resolutions. Setting goals seems…well…healthier and more achievable than resolutions. I’m afraid most resolutions go the way Kristine Hughes and Victoria Hinshaw of Number One London treat them (those veritable slackers!). Resolutions can be broken but, no matter what, we can always strive for a goal.

So here are my goals for 2011

1. Read more.
I was truly in awe of the number of books my fellow Riskies read. I’ll probably never even approach their totals, but my goal is to read more than last year.

2. Write more.
My writing slowed down last year and I want to pick up the pace. My goal is to write at least two books in 2011, preferably 2 1/2.

3. Exercise more.
I’ve slacked off my attendance at Curves and my goal is to attend at least three days a week again.

4. Eat more….fruits and vegetables, that is.
It seems like every Halloween my good eating habits go begging (hee hee) and I dive back into candy again. From there it is just a slippery slope. My goal is to get my eating back to what is healthier for me.

Those are modest, doable goals, aren’t they? These are matters that are under my control, unlike the goal of eliminating poverty or creating peace in our world. I wish I had control over that, but I don’t.

How about you? What are your goals for 2011?

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