Regency Demons?

My Immortal Assassin

Book 3 of my My Immortals paranormal series is out! Quick, go buy it from one of the links on my website! (Because you can pick your favorite bookseller. I don’t do any affiliate link stuff because it’s one more thing to fail to keep track of.)

Believe it or not, I have a Regency link to this book which is that I modeled my hero on a Regency Romance hero, kind of like Mr. Darcy. He’s all about decorum and awesome clothes, and the heroine is all — not that stuff. So, it’s a little like Mr. Darcy meets Buffy, if Mr. Darcy was a demon and didn’t know about Elizabeth yet.

Revenge. It’s all Grayson Spencer wants. Christophe dit Menart, a human with dark magical powers, destroyed the life she loved. She wants the pleasure of killing him, no matter the cost to her. If not for Durian, a dangerously sexy demon fiend charged with keeping Christophe alive, she would have succeeded, too. Now, she’s certain all hope is gone. But he has a plan and an offer she can’t resist…

Durian has spent his life as a trained and sanctioned assassin. His duty: to enforce the laws against demons harming humans. He’s always prided himself on staying out of the fray, carrying out his orders and honoring his fealty to his warlord, but never getting attached. Never until Grayson, a spunky and determined woman clearly gifted with magic herself. He convinces her to swear fealty to him so he can protect her and teach her to use her magic to taste the revenge she so desperately wants.

They’re soon bound together in a forbidden desire–a dangerous passion that calls into question Durian’s oath of loyalty to his warlord. When he refuses to return her to Christophe, his disobedience threatens to inflame the tumultuous war between demons and the magekind. Can they–and their love–survive?

Read Chapter 1.


Romantic Times 4 1/2 stars
The lines in the war between Magekind and Fiends continue to blur in the next installment of Jewel’s exhilarating My Immortal series. The protagonists in this drama have both suffered terribly, giving them a common ground and enemy. Jewel provides her fans with a terrific tale that has action aplenty and drama to spare. Great stuff!
Jill M. Smith

Alternative Worlds
Fast-paced from the moment Gray and Durian meet on the streets of San Francisco
Read Full Review

Publisher’s Weekly
Jewel’s third paranormal (after 2009’s My Forbidden Desire) is an exciting return to a world of demons and mages.

BookPage – Romance of the Month – Top Pick!
Dark, edgy and laced with thrilling desire, My Immortal Assassin will set readers’ hearts racing.
Christie Ridgway

Book Reading Gals
Carolyn Jewel is a master storyteller. The world that she has created is in this reviewers humble opinion one of the best in the paranormal and romance genre. The conflict between the fiends and the mages is a perfect combination. The hero and heroine are a perfect complement to each other.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming. Thanks for sharing the excitement with me!

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Elena Greene
11 years ago

Carolyn, this book sounds awesome and congrats on the great reviews!

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

I am soooo excited! It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this third book 🙂

11 years ago


11 years ago

I can’t wait – still haven’t been able to find it in our rural little area yet but will keep looking! Thankfully the next one will be out in – June, is that right!?

Congratulations on the new release!

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

What fabulous reviews, Carolyn!!!

Louisa Cornell
11 years ago

Great reviews, Carolyn! Sounds like another great adventure !

11 years ago

Thanks everyone!

cissikat: yes, the 4th book is scheduled for June 2011.

11 years ago

The hero is named Durian? Did you look it up before you committed yourself to using it? Just wondering.

11 years ago


Yes, but after I stole the name from a member of a email list of SQL Server DBAs. Despite the name of the stinky fruit, there are, in fact, people in this world named Durian.

11 years ago

Congratulations on the release. Great reviews. It is wonderful to have so many great books to read in all genre.
I hope the release goes well.

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