Friday Mayhem, aka What Else Is New?

First off, thanks to Carolyn for filling in at the last minute. I rather enjoy having an M meme named after me!

Next off, it’s not like life is any less busy; if anything, it’s moreso. So no writing, but plenty of reading and some watching.

So I’ll be yakking on a random* assortment of topics:

–A very close relative was just diagnosed with some lumps in her breast. Thankfully, due primarily to the power of Twitter, I just had a mammogram, so I know I’m safe until the next check-up. My relative was also vigilant, and it’s very early for her, so we are all hoping for the best. But–since I have you here–have you had a recent mammogram?

–I have known for some time, and likely have mentioned it here, but I love pushed-in teeth. I found another fine example of same, namely Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, who was Le Chiffre in Casino Royale, and who made a name for himself first in the Danish film Pusher, directed by Nicholas Wilding Reyn, which I just saw. Sadly, googling Mikkelsen’s name only reveals pictures where his mouth is closed. But just remember David Bowie prior to getting his teeth fixed, and you’ll know what I mean. Ricky Gervais has them a bit, too. Pusher was a fantastic film, too, if you like gritty everything’sgoingwrong noir. I happen to love it.

–Nicholas Wilding Reyn is currently directing Drive, a film based on the book by James Sallis. It stars Ryan Gosling, and the book is noir lyric poetry at its finest. I’m halfway done reading it, and it is just flat-out brilliant from the first page on. Warning: NOT a romance!

–I’ve discussed this with my Reading Twin™, @tuphlos on Twitter, and she and I are both fed up with the Sniff Test–in a paranormal, when a paranormal entity just has to SMELL his beloved, and he knows right away She Is The One For Him. Um–whatever happened to courtship? That said, we are both still addicted to J.R. Ward. It’s a burden, people.

–In a week, my son will have winter break. You know what that means, right? MEGAN GETS SOME TIME OFF FROM MOMDOM! Unlike usual, though, I’ll still have Jobdom, so I can’t laze about and eat bonbons (like, really, who eats bonbons? Not sure I’ve had a legitimate bonbon in over twenty years. What the heck is a bonbon, anyway? Jean Harlow ate them in Dinner At Eight, I think). But I will get to work later, go shopping without glancing at the time constantly and not have to hear about Yu-Gi-Oh. It’s the little things.

–Oh! I should write during that time, huh? Okay. Will do.

–So–what commonly-used trope in romance novels is irking you (see: Sniff Test)? Do you have any odd obsessions (see: pushed-in teeth)? And what is your favorite comfort old film (see: Dinner At Eight, any Bogart and Bacall, Notorious with Cary Grant and Ingmar Bergman)?


*I actually cringe when I use the word random, because so many folks use it. But it suits the sitch, so there you go.

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11 years ago

There are too many romance tropes to list that annoy me, and I’ve probably used ’em all. LOL. Except rape turns to love, because that revolts me.

Here are bon-bons. I don’t like them much, but you can still get them.


Elena Greene
11 years ago

Duke/Duchess in titles.

The actual stories inside may be fine. I just don’t like the implication that “Duke” (or “Rake” or “Millionaire”–or is it “Billionaire” now?) in the title should be some sort of automatic draw.

I am obviously swimming against the current on this one. But I don’t make buying decisions based on titles.

11 years ago

You can also see him, teeth and all, in the recent film “Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky”. Loved, loved, loved her clothes, but the movie definitely dragged in places. Interesting to compare it with “Coco Before Chanel”, especially if you love period costumes — although some of Chanel’s clothes would look at home on a runway today.

Megan Frampton
11 years ago

Thanks, guys, for answering many of my RANDOM questions!

Bon-bons! Ah, the crucial hyphen, which I forgot.

And Mads’ teeth are delicious. To me, at least.

Elena, I’m with you, and I remember you posting on the duke topic before.

And I want to see that Coco Chanel movie, if only for the clothes. And Coco Before Chanel, too. Coco and I share a birthday.

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

Have you seen the movie “Black Book”? It’s great–WWII, Dutch woman working for the Resistance and Nazi officer (Mikkelson)…

I’m actually not sure what a bon-bon is, but if it involves chocolate I’m always there 🙂

And the Sniff Test, aka Fated Mates thing, always feels like a lazy short-cut to me. If it’s fate, no need to build up attraction or sexual tension!

Jane George
11 years ago

I love a good wrist. That sounds bizarre, but a well-formed, sinewy male wrist and a rolled-up sleeve, yum. Think Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls.

Old comfort movie? I like Sabrina, even tho Bogie is so much older than Audrey Hepburn. I always choke up when he finds her in the garage with all the cars running. (Sorry, I punned.)

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

I don’t like dukes in Historicals just for the sake of making the hero a duke. To me being a duke is something very very special.

11 years ago

So many of the standard tropes that become irritating: not dating best friends sister, worldly rake falls for sweet innocent young thing, spinster really has a wild side and is just looking for the right man to take advantage of it. All can be developed into good stories, but there needs to be much more added to make it so. My biggest complaint is with contemporaries. A man and a woman meet and by page 10 they are having sex on some plot pretext. What ever happened to plot and relationship development?

Old movie – AFRICAN QUEEN. Love the banter between Hepburn and Bogart.

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