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No, we’re not talking ice cream…today we have one of my very favorite writers as a guest, in both of her manifestations, and with a fantastic prize. So let’s get chatting and exchange our metal folding table stories–I mean, our proposal or Valentine’s day stories… you’ll see what I mean. Read on!

Thanks so much to the Riskies for having me—both of me—back! I write under two names, Maggie Robinson and Margaret Rowe, and I’m between Maggie’s January book, Mistress by Midnight, and Margaret’s March release, Any Wicked Thing. While both books are hot historical romances, Margaret’s book is just a little scorchier. Or as I like to say in my house, Margaret writes about things that Maggie has never done. 😉

I do like to think, though, that I incorporate plenty of romance in my erotic fiction, and I love to give second chances to my heroes and heroines. As we all know—or at least Shakespeare said so and who am I to argue—“the course of true love never did run smooth.” That’s certainly true for Sebastian Goddard, the Duke of Roxbury and his childhood nemesis Frederica Wells in Any Wicked Thing. They could not have started off in a more humiliating fashion (really, I was absolutely evil making their first encounter a night to forget instead of remember), but somehow they manage after a decade to put the past behind them.

Their journey to The End is almost the opposite of Laurette and Con’s in Mistress by Midnight, who begin beautifully but are torn apart and have a whole lot of boulders to climb over as adults. But we must torture our characters, or the books we love would sputter out after the first chapter…or maybe even the prologue.

Some of my favorite books and movies incorporate the awkward and the angsty with the amorous. I think Lord Chesterfield had it right when he said: “Sex: the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable.” Human beings are so…human. We’re all searching for our happily ever after, one clumsy step at a time and sometimes travel in circuitous routes to get there.

It may be Valentine’s Day tomorrow, but sometimes love feels more like April Fools. One commenter today will get both Maggie and Margaret books AND a new DVD, Romantic Favorites Collection, with four fantastic, funny movies that illustrate exactly how beautiful and bittersweet relationships can be. Of the four films on this disc, Love Actually is probably my favorite, as it is a kaleidoscope of emotion. I’m sure you can guess that my favorite scene has earnest Colin Firth proposing in fractured Portuguese—it makes me laugh and cry at the same time, my own personal romance rule.

Do you have a proposal story or a Valentine’s memory? Tell us!

I’ll share mine. My boyfriend and I threw a party so his friends could meet my friends, and he casually announced to everyone, “Yeah, we’re getting married.” He never really asked, but I guess I answered, because we were married three months later. This is the same man who gave me a metal folding table for the basement so I could stack laundry as a Valentine’s present. He’d better come up with something a little better tomorrow.

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11 years ago

What a very enjoyable blog-post today. I love the author’s comment that Margaret writes about things that Maggie has never done. I loved Lord Chesterfield’s definition of sex, and I agree with you that Colin Firth’s “fractured Portuguese proposal” was a wonderful scene. Great giveaway. Thanks.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe

Good morning, Janet, Riskies & Linda!Thanks so much for having me here. :)When I got the prize for this giveaway, I got a second DVD for myself just in case that is the best Valentine’s present I get, LOL. My husband has since wised up that anything electrical or practical is NOT the way to go!

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

Hi, Maggie. Welcome to the Riskies. I have to say that your husband’s Valentine’s Day gift might take the prize for most unromantic!

Thanks for offering our commenters such a fantastic set of prizes!

11 years ago

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11 years ago

Congrats on both releases and those wonderful covers. Any Wicked Thing is beautiful while Mistress by Midnight is hot.

Can’t think of any particularly special or memerable V-day gift other than my puppy girl who I got “sole custody” of from my ex-bf 10 years ago this wknd. She’s been a wonderful present (even though she wasn’t ment as one) that has given me a lot of love, laugter & happiness since.

Janet Mullany
11 years ago

Hi Maggie, I love the Lord Chesterfield quote (what a true romantic the man was).

Hmmm. Last Valentine’s Day, my husband bought a box of sugar-free chocolates, ate half of them, left the price tag on them and then presented the rest to me, announcing that they “weren’t very nice.” I was so grateful he was able to test them for me.

Danielle Gorman
11 years ago

My boyfriend is not really into buying gifts on Valentine’s Day. He just likes to take me to the store and lets me pick something out. A few years ago he actually surprised me by ordering me a bouquet of roses and candy and had them delivered. I was so shocked and surprised. They were so pretty.


Louisa Cornell
11 years ago

Hello Maggie!

A folding table? To fold laundry? Really? Ouch!

And I am still chuckling at Janet’s “weren’t very nice” chocolates.

I actually received a couple of proposals before I accepted one. The funny thing is the most disastrous one is the one I accepted!

We dated for four years. I was actually prepared because his sister told me when and where he was going to propose. She was a very wise girl at 16 and wanted me to know so I could dress for the occasion.

We were going to dinner and a chamber concert. He took me to our favorite steak house, the place where we had our first date. I wore my beautiful black suede floor length skirt and an exquisite white silk and lace blouse adorned with my favorite cameo. Everything was going so well until I asked for the ketchup. He reached for it, knocked it over and an entire bottle of ketchup spewed all over my nice white blouse. Someone had not put the top back on correctly. I looked like a murder victim! In the process of trying to help me clean it up (an effort that only made it look worse!)poor guy brushed so hard he ripped my cameo off my blouse, tore a hole in the blouse and broke the clasp.

Still no proposal.

So, I attended a lovely chamber concert at the University of Alabama in a torn blouse with what looked like blood all over it. Cause quite a stir. The concert was lovely even if most of the people in attendance kept looking at us as if Jack the Ripper had brought a date to hear Mozart.

Still no proposal.

We finally arrived back at my door.
He walked me to the door and somehow managed to lead me through the one monstrous water filled hole in my front yard. The bottom four or five inches of my suede skirt were soaked with muddy water. We won’t talk about my shoes and hose.

Poor guy looked so defeated. He kissed me goodnight, mumbled “I love you” and just walked to his car before I could ask him to come in.

He pulled out of the driveway, stopped and then pulled back in and rolled down the window.

“I don’t suppose you want to marry me, do you?”

He did manage to get the ring on my finger without dropping it or injuring me.

Happy Valentine’s Day, All !!

11 years ago

I don’t have any Valentine’s memories to speak of. But I did ask my husband to marry me, in a fleeting way.

We were driving back to the barracks (yes, we were both enlisted at the time) from Mass one Sunday, and I casually said, “I would like to marry you.” Not romantic, flowery, or anything else expected in a proposal. All of that has come in our later years. Oh, we will celebrate our 31st Anniversary in just a few weeks!

11 years ago

What a great giveaway! One of my friends watches Love Actually at least once if not three times a week. Mistress by Midnight will be next the book I read and I am looking forward to Any Wicked Thing. 🙂

First off, I’d like to say that I am an absolute Harry Potter fangirl. Before going to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince midnight release, he took me out to dinner at our favorite place, then took me home and asked both of my parents for their blessing, got down on one knee and proposed. All this time he was wearing an “I Heart Snape” (with Alan Rickman’s face on the heart) shirt that one of his friends little sister made for him. I said yes of course. 🙂

Louisa Cornell
11 years ago


You have excellent taste in men! How sweet! Takes a real man to wear an I (heart) Snape shirt! A real man in love!

11 years ago

*choking* A folding table?

Then again… my beloved has given me power tools for Valentine’s, so I probably should keep my mouth shut, huh? (except, I actually like power tools–and I think there’s nothing more romantic than a man who knows you well enough to give you what you want/need, rather than what society tells him he should give you)

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe

Sorry I’ve been MIA. I had a mom/daughters weekend in Boston and just got home. We had haircuts, mani/pedis and lingerie fittings. Whee!

Diane, I will never let him live that table down. he’s gotten much better. His most recent gift was a Coach bag (from the outlet store—he’s not completely crazy, LOL).

Aww, Kirsten!Sweet story, even if the food was sour, LOL. My husband started watching the Food Netwoork some years ago and I must say he does better in the kitchen than I do. 🙂

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe

Gamistress, I understand custody of pets is one of the biggest issues in splits. We once had a dog that neither one of us would have wanted if we broke up—he was a beautiful yellow lab but absolutely the dumbest dog in the universe.

Thanks for the compliments on the covers!I’ve been so lucky coverwise.I should be getting Mistress by Marriage (Sept) soon and can’t wait to see it!

Janet, snort. Sugar free and chocolate do not belong in the same sentence!

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe

Danielle, you know, I’d much rather buy my own present most of the time. I know I’m going to like it (and it won’t be a metal laundry table!)

Louisa, I LOVE it! I think those kinds of proposals are somehow better than the violin-flower-ring in the champagne glass ones. With my luck, I would swallow the ring. 😉

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe

Artemis, congratulations! There’s nothing wrong with asking for what you want, and I’m so glad you got it!

Kati, I heart Snape? So funny!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched Love Actually myself. I always catch something new every time. Love those ensemble movies.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe

Aztec Lady, I love hardware stores. Could get lost in them for hours, although I am not handy in the least. I’m afraid if I had a power tool I’d drill another hole in my head, LOL. I do like glue guns tho, because I’m always breaking something.

Sara Ramsey
11 years ago

Maggie, your covers look lovely, and ‘Mistress by Midnight’ is on my TBR list – I’ll have to add your alter ego to the pile as well!

I don’t think I can possibly top Louisa’s story, which is going to have me smiling all day. I’ve never been proposed to (let’s just say that I have no trouble understanding my characters with commitment issues ;), but if it does happen, I expect it to be just as awkwardly wonderful as the Colin Firth proposal in “Love Actually” (my favorite scene from the movie too!) Perhaps I should try to go to Portugal this summer and hire a hot male housekeeper to keep me company while I write?

11 years ago

Very entertaining blog post. I sure want to compare Maggie and Margaret’s books.

A folding table? That’s original. I bet it took more thought than flowers and candy. Memorable too…only not as tasty as chocolates.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe

Rhea, I know he meant to be helpful w/ the table. We had four little kids at the time and as you can imagine, the laundry area looked like a clothing truck had exploded in the basement.I could never keep up with it…and of course, the dryer ate everyone’s matching sock.My kids got used to wearing two different socks, and sometimes still do!

Sara, I think a hot male housekeeper of any nationality would work as well. 😉

11 years ago

I wish I did have an interesting proposal story to tell, but I don’t. Mine was very ordinary. And even though I consider myself a romantic, I don’t get much out of Valentine’s Day because I don’t have a significant other. My Valentines are my daughters.

11 years ago

I don’t have a significant other either. My Valentines are my son and my 3 dogs. We experience Valentines Day every day as they are always happy to see me and they make me smile with the things they do to claim my attention. We’re taking dancing lessons weekly now! LOL! So… Valentines Day doesn’t have to be restricted to human companions.
Thank you for this opportunity. I really want to read both of your new books.

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe

Margay and Lindalou, I spent the weekend with my girls in Boston as a Valentine’s present to ourselves, and I totally agree that kids are sometimes way more fun than husbands, LOL. Linda, I was woken up this morning by my daughter’s cat, who jumped up and purred and MADE me pet him. He doesn’t care that he makes me sneeze, and he’s too darned cute to shoo away. 🙂

Barbara E.
11 years ago

I didn’t really get a proposal, we just calmly discussed getting married and decided we were going to. Our first Valentine’s Day all I got was a card, but at least it was better than nothing.

11 years ago

Looks like a great DVD. I can’t believe I haven’t seen any of the movies. I’ve heard of them of course, but not gotten to see them.

It is interesting and makes for a good story to throw as many roadblocks as you can before the couple reaches their HEA. Fiction is a good place for it. Us mere mortals in the real world would find it very hard to overcome most of them.

My romance meter must be a bit low, but I think the folding table made sense. We are both a bit overly practical in this household. If he gave it to me after hearing me comment on how handy one would be (without my asking for one), it would show he was actually listening to me and cared enough to get me something that would help. Flowers will wilt, but I would think of his thoughtfulness every time i used that table. Of course surprising me with dinner and a movie or flowers and chocolate wouldn’t be rejected.

Kim in Hawaii
11 years ago

Many years ago, when a snow storm shut down Washington DC, I was lounging around in my pjs since the Pentagon was closed. Hubby used this opportunity to “pop” the question via his Barbershop Quartet. He was not the lead singer so I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to look at the lead or him!

Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe

Librarypat, I’m practical by nature too, and hate to waste $.But every now and again…

Barbara, sounds like your proposal is a lot like mine!

Kim, how fun and original!

Thanks to the Riskies again for having me here. It was fun and original too!

11 years ago

He sounds like my husband in a way – I got an electric can opener hahaha.

11 years ago

This comment has been removed by the author.

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