Amazing Photos of Regency Gowns

Alas, I can only provide you with a link since I don’t have time to actually steal the content.

As was the custom of late Victorian and Edwardian genre painters, Talbot Hughes had amassed an extensive collection of historical costumes and accessories as studio props dating from the 16th century through the 1870s. The collection was donated to the Victoria and Albert Museum after it had been exhibited at Harrods department store in 1913. Samples of Hughes’s costume collection remain on public view at the V&A to this day in the British Galleries
– Wikipedia

Basically, in 1913, a bunch of folks put on these gowns and they took pictures of them. Scroll down a bit to reach the Regency gowns.

Go here to see the photos.

And, just because I’m nice, here’s the Wikipedia entry for the Victoria and Albert museum, which is a pretty huge time suck. You’re welcome. You should be glad I’m not linking to the V&A because then you’d NEVER get free. Oh wait, I’m not that nice. Victoria&Albert Museum.

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11 years ago

Ohmy, what fun! I love the historical photos of the even more historical gowns!! What a treat!

Book ♥ Soulmates
11 years ago

I’m so kicking myself in the arse for not going to V&A museum while I was in London. I went to the Museum of Natural History that is across the street but by the time I got out, I was so pooped that I went back to the hotel.

Note to self, add V&A museum on list of MUST VISIT for next time ;o)

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

Lo love the V&A site and have spent many time-suck hours there! Museum websites are a particular obsession of mine (the Costume Institute site at the Met is wonderful, too)

Susanna Fraser
11 years ago

How fascinating! Much as I love seeing the Regency clothes, I have to say that at least for women the mid-18th century dresses are my favorites.

11 years ago

I just LOVE those pictures. They’re wonderful to look at.

Book(heart)Soulmates: When you go back the V&A is a MUST see. You might want to have a couple of days reserved for visiting and pick up as many exhibit catalogs as you can.

Susanna: I have a secret love for the gowns of 1844-1850. Swoon.

What I don’t understand is why the frac coat isn’t making a comeback. It’s sexy!

Evangeline Holland
11 years ago

Interestingly enough, I can see both a few fundamental similarities and differences between these Edwardians dressed in period costumes and paintings and sketches of Georgians and early-Victorians dressed in their contemporary fashions.

Louisa Cornell
11 years ago


You are EVIL !! Sites like this are like crack for me!


And I so want to return to England. The V&A is at the top of my London list!

11 years ago

They wore way too many clothes!

11 years ago

The dresses were interesting. There were more I didn’t really care for than those I really liked.
Went to the other links. I need to stay very far away from them or I’ll never get any sleep.
Thanks for the look at what they really wore.

11 years ago

bwahahahaha! ::rubbing hands in evil delight::

Jane George
11 years ago

I’m a bit confused. These are costumes created ‘in the style of’ and photographed in the late 1800’s and donated in 1913? These pics were popping up on Twitter yesterday and were being credited to 1913.

They’re great pics, and perfect to paint from.

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