Announcements and Confessions

The Announcement

My Regency Historical title from 2004, The Spare, is now available on Kindle, Kindle UK and Nook. It’s a little bit of a Gothic tale in that it has a castle and a ghost (or does it?) There’s also amnesia (not total amnesia) and a hot Navy captain and a little (grown up!) red-headed girl. Here’s the cover, which a friend of mine called an erotic watercolor and Disney Does Dirty. I’m going to do some cover research with this title by switching out the cover in a bit and seeing what happens to sales.

What do you think? Different, yes, which is good. But too different?

Regardless, my long Out of Print title is now available! Yay!!!

The Confession Portion of The Blog

My TBR.  OMG. And this is just the pile I can reach from my chair, in absolutely no order. There are more, but I’m not getting up to look.

  • Devil’s Own, Veronica Wolff
  • What I Did For  Duke, Julie Anne Long
  • Visions of Magic, Regan Hastings
  • Silver Borne, Patricia Briggs
  • The Lady Most Likely, Quinn et al
  • Lion’s Heat, Lora Leigh
  • How to Marry a Duke, Vicky Dreilling
  • Miss Madcap, Joan Smith
  • Ravished by a Highlander, Paula Quinn
  • Wise Man’s Fear, Patrick Rothfuss (loaned out hard copy, have eBook on iPad)
  • No Control, Shannon K. Butcher
  • Tall Tales and Wedding Veils, Janes Graves
  • No Regrets, Shannon K. Butcher
  • Hostage Zero, John Gilstrap
  • Dreamfever, Karen Marie Moning
  • Living Nightmare, Shannon K. Butcher
  • Luck of the Wolf, Susan K. Krinard
  • Wolfsbane, Patricia Briggs
  • Unveiled, Courtney Milan
  • The Mockingbirds, Daisy Whitney
  • Dreams of a Dark Warrior, Kresley Cole

And that doesn’t include eBooks, except for Rothfuss.

The pile is only going to get bigger and deeper as my deadline approaches because I can’t stop buying books.

What’s in your TBR (print or eBook)?

About carolyn

Carolyn Jewel was born on a moonless night. That darkness was seared into her soul and she became an award winning and USA Today bestselling author of historical and paranormal romance. She has a very dusty car and a Master’s degree in English that proves useful at the oddest times. An avid fan of fine chocolate, finer heroines, Bollywood films, and heroism in all forms, she has two cats and a dog. Also a son. One of the cats is his.
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11 years ago

When will “The Spare” be available on Smashwords (if at all?)


11 years ago

Not sure yet. I have some work to do on the Word file and then Smashwords has been VERY slow to get files loaded and parsed. AND I have this deadline. But I think I have someone who can help me with this kind of thing.

Barbara Monajem
11 years ago

Woo-hoo! Thanks for letting me know that there’s a new Julie Anne Long story. I went and ordered it right away. Not that I have time to read right now, but still! I love her books.

LOL. The cover of The Spare is great. Now I just have to go buy an e-reader. I keep saying that and doing nothing. Gotta get myself in gear… if I can decide which one to get! Any recoommendations?

Barbara Monajem
11 years ago

LOL- That should be *recommendations.*

11 years ago

My TBR pile takes up three shelves, stacked two-deep (and then there are the ebooks). There are four Arnette Lamb books, a couple of Kinsales, several Jo Goodmans, a Bertrice Small, a few Celeste Bradleys, Outlander, three Elizabeth Chadwicks, several Heyers…

Of course, now that I know The Spare is available, that’ll take precedence ; )

Barbara, you might want to go with the Kindle WiFi – it’s relatively inexpensive and Amazon is less likely to disappear than some other vendors. If you do Apple, an iPod Touch allows you to use all of the ereading apps (but the screen size might not work for you).

11 years ago

Barbara: People have been raving about the new Long so don’t delay in reading it!

As to an eReader, if you have a smart phone or tablet (iPhone, Android, certain blackberryies, iPad, download the apps (kindle app, Nook app etc) and get your feet wet.

If you think you want a dedicated reader, check out Dear Author and Smart Bitches for their very detailed discussions of pros and cons of the various devices.

I have an iPad and and an iPhone and though I read on both, lately it’s almost exclusively the iPad and almost exclusively the Kindle app.

However, I bought my mother (83) a Kindle a couple of years ago and recently bought my sister a Kindle. They’ve both been very happy.

That said, the Nook is color and that’s pretty awesome. If you’re adventurous, you can root it and turn it into a tablet device.

The Nook will set you back more than either version of the Kindle though. Amazon makes it SO easy to get books. . . .

Amy Kathryn
Amy Kathryn
11 years ago

I am so glad to see The Spare available again.

I like the bright colors of the cover but I know that it is a historical and I feel a little of a disconnect. I can’t decide if it is good different or not good different.

Don’t make me look at my TBR…it scares me! Both paper and on my Kindle (love, love, love).

Jane George
Jane George
11 years ago

Congrats! Whee!!!
The cover is lovely but it may be a bit too far from mainstream clinch covers. Not that that’s a bad thing, but readers are conditioned to expect a similar look, yes?

I bought a NookColor in order to proof my ebook file w/color illustrations. I’m a big fan of the printed word so I didn’t think I would like it. But it’s really cool.

PS, my book went live on Amazon today too. And it’s on B&N. Smashwords does take forever.

11 years ago

I went ahead and switched out the cover with a more traditional one so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Am waiting for Smashwords to tell me my file for The Spare is approved… They are VERY slow.

JaneGeorge: Is your book published under Jane George? How can I find it?

Jane George
Jane George
11 years ago

Hi Carolyn,

My book is called The Mumbo Jumbo Circus. I’m using my own name. It’s on Amazon & B&N.

I’m giving up on Smashwords for now. I paid to have files formatted and Smashwords’ “meatgrinder” did horrible things to it. I’ve since reformatted it myself twice according to Mark Coker’s Style GUide and it’s still awful.

I’m off to look at your new cover!

Amy Kathryn
Amy Kathryn
11 years ago

I went and looked at the new cover…It is very nice and typical. I definitely feel comfortable with it being a historical.

I still can’t decide if the other one was good or bad different and that indecision might carry over to indecision about buying? I would definitely like to hear about the follow up to the different covers if you share.

11 years ago

there are literally way too many to list. I do have an e-book pile, but do not yet have an e-reader to download them to. I have 40 over full bookcases and stacks of books on the floor. I guess most could be considered my TBR pile..