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Happy Tuesday everyone! I promised opinions on the weekend’s Big Wedding, and of course I have them (if I can remember what they are, after spending the weekend wearing tiaras, drinking tea, eating cake, and critiquing hats with like-minded friends! Why don’t we wear more hats over here anyway???). But here is basic outline of what I thought:

1) Kate looked like absolute perfection for the event. Regal, elegant, and classic. (I doubt anyone will look at these images in 20 or 30 years and say “what was she thinking??” like with Diana), but also young and beautiful. Just like a royal bride should look.

2) I seriously, seriously covet Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid dress (which also comes in red!). If you have an extra one of these just lying around the atelier, House of McQueen, send it my way pretty please?

3) And those children are the absolute definition of total adorable-ness. Makes me want to get married just to have a passel of attendants just like them. Plus a dress like Pippa’s. And a carriage to ride around in. And a chance to make all my friends wear hats.

4) Amid all this elegant appropriateness, someone needs to bring the Crazy. So thank you, princesses of York! We can always count on you.

And thank you, Victoria Beckham, for showing us the latest in maternity wear–8 inch heels for the 7 months pregnant lady. (She looks fab as always, though. Definitely the most glamorous one there next to the bridal party…)

And can I just say how disappointed I was in the American news coverage?? I don’t get BBC America on my TV or I would have watched them. I did get to watch ITV until they got cut off, and I loved their snarky comments on all the arrivals. The American newscasters didn’t even know or care who anyone was, and had no snark in them at all. Ah well. I still had fun.

Speaking of dating and romance and all those fun things–I thought I would turn to the Arbiter of All Things, Jane Austen herself, to see what her view of these events would be. If I lived in JA’s time, of course, I would be firmly on the shelf and gathering dust, no wedding in my future, but honestly I think I would have quite liked that. Better than having 20 kids and a passel of unruly servants to oversee. Now–well, who knows? Let’s ask Aunt Jane.

“This sensation of listlessness, weariness, stupidity, this disinclination to sit down and employ myself, this feeling of everything’s being dull and insipid about the house! I must be in love” –Emma

“I am always in love with every handsome man in the world” –Juvenilia

“There was a scarcity of men in general, and a still greater scarcity of any that were good for much” –Letter to Cassandra

“The more I know of the world, the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom can I really love. I require so much!” –Sense and Sensibility

“I think I could like any good-humored man with a comfortable income” –The Watsons”

“But there are certainly not so many men of large fortune in the world as there are pretty women to deserve them” –Mansfield Park

“Is not general incivility the very essence of love?” –Pride and Prejudice

Also, this weekend I will be headed to Kansas City to see the Princess Diana exhibit (which includes her wedding gown! Wish they could fly in Kate’s to display right next to it)–more info and pics to come next week. And my novella, “Snowbound & Seduced” in Regency Christmas Proposals is nominated for a Readers Crown award! Let me know if you’re planning to be at RomCon in Denver this August and look for me there.

What is your own favorite Austen quote on love and marriage? What did you like best (and least) about the royal wedding? And what kind of hat would you wear to my wedding???

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Writer (as Amanda McCabe, Laurel McKee, Amanda Carmack), history geek, yoga enthusiast, pet owner!
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11 years ago

I loved that Kate’s flowers from the same myrtle bush that Queen Victoria used for her own wedding (or at least, that’s what the newscaster said.) I’m amazed it was still around! Unless he meant that they just used the same TYPE of flowers. Would love to know…

Keira Soleore
11 years ago

Pippa’s dress would look fabulous on you in any color.

Those hats of the princesses of York clearly shows that money and social standing is not indicative of taste.

I watched Piers Morgan on CNN and he was just great — witty comments, acute commentary.

11 years ago

I’ve been dying to go to the Diana exhibit!! I live a couple hours away and should totally do it.

Pippa looked AWESOME in that dress. The model in red, not so much.

The wedding was gorgeous and beautiful to see. *le sigh*

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

I watched BBC America from 4:30 am until having to leave for the Retreat. Needless to say I was a bit loopy by 8 pm, but so were most of the attendees.

I loved Pippa’s dress. I understood Kate’s selection–and it was beautiful–but it was not what I imagined. But Pippa’s dress was a stand-out. Such a perfect complement to the bride, too.

I didn’t mind the Princesses of York’s outfits. They were whimsical and fun.

You probably got no coverage of this, but the Prime Minister’s wife did not wear a hat!! She wore some hair jewelry, but, to me, she looked too casual without a hat.

I absolutely loved the whole thing!!!!

Kayleigh Jamison
11 years ago

“Happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance.”
-Mansfield Park


“But when a young lady is to be a heroine…Something must and will happen to throw a hero in her way.”
-Northanger Abbey

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

“Those hats of the princesses of York clearly shows that money and social standing is not indicative of taste”

LOL Keira. I read somewhere that Beatrice’s hat looked like a beribboned toilet seat, which is pretty much right. (I did like her coat though; Eugenie’s outfit was just wildly unflattering). Another who looked crazy-bad was Chelsy Davy–I would think she wouldn’t want to show looking like that when her maybe-BF was walking down the aisle with Pippa Middleton

I did see Samantha Cameron’s no-hat thing–her dress was lovely, but she did look too casual for the event.

Michelle, I was also intrigued by the tidbit about the myrtle and looked it up! It seems it’s a bush that grew from a clipping from Victoria’s bouquet and every royal bride uses it in her bouquet. That’s such a lovely tradition.

Artie Mesia
11 years ago

My favorite JA quotation: A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.

I know my mind certainly works like that 🙂

I thought Kate looked beautiful and would wear her dress in a heartbeat although like Amanda I am on the shelf and collecting dust. But worse than Amanda or maybe Amanda just didn’t want to admit it, I am not only a bluestocking, I’m an ape-leader!!! But it’s great to no longer be in my salad days. I was so green then.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
11 years ago

Hi Amanda, CNN had good coverage because they had two Brits on board, Piers Morgan & Cat Deely. An ABC had Tina Brown and one of Prince Charle’s former secretaries. I flipped back in forth between BBC America & ABC. Then of course that night I had to watch all the royal wedding specials including Kathy Griffin’s. Loved one of the comedian’s comments that the royal wedding was like a Tyler Perry movie but with white people.

Amanda, I saw the Princess Diana exhibit in Philly a year and a half ago and it was very interesting. Diana’s dress looks better up close but it still looks like a giant meringue. Loved Kate’s dress, she looked timeless and elegant and just like a princess. Also loved the Pipster. Have you seen what they wore to the evening reception?

I love that Beatrice and Eugenie try to be fashion forward even though most of the time they are a fashion flop. At least they didn’t look like a giant crayola like Tara Palmer-Tompkinson! Didn’t love that Sam Cam didn’t wear a hat since it specifically said that women should wear hats on the invite.

I’ve heard rumors that Anna Wintour tried to get Kate’s dress for the McQueen exhibit at the Met. Amanda, I can’t wait to get your take on the dresses from the MET gala.

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

Elizabeth, I know TPT’s ensemble got a lot of praise online, but I didn’t get it (blue hat, blue gloves, blue dress, blue shoes?)–but I don’t get her anyway. And if the invitation specifically said hats, the PM’s wife should have listened.

I’m a bit disappointed by what I’ve seen so far of the Met gala fashions! I think I like Diane Kruger’s gown the best so far, but need to see more of them. I’m really, really looking forward to seeing the exhibit this summer!

LOL Artie! I am definitely a bluestocking, but hopefully still a few years away from ape leader. (and maybe a little judicious medical help could keep it even further away, LOL)

Kim in Hawaii
11 years ago

Best: Everything but American commentators and Fergie’s daughters.

Worst: American commentators and Fergie’s daughters.

I disagree with you about Victoria Beckham – did not like dress or shoes. Ridiculous example to set.

Hats were fun to see but did they forget that all eyes should be on the bride, not the crowd?!?! But it may pique Americans’ interest in Ascott!

Elena Greene
11 years ago

I entirely missed it, being busy dropping off a kid for a school band/chorus trip at 5AM and then getting myself to my weekend writers getaway. So thanks, Amanda, for updating me on the essentials–the clothes! 🙂