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I turned in The Next Historical, which will be titled Not Wicked Enough (here’s a link to to the first chapter: Chapter 1 of Not Wicked Enough) and found myself at loose ends that I didn’t know what to do with.

I’m not starting the next book (another historical, Not Proper Enough) until June 1, so you’d think I’d be all, yay!! Three weeks to relax and do whatever I want!

Uh, no.

First, of course, I had to catch up on all the stuff I’d been ignoring since Deadline-itis kicked in. That took quite a while. I got mostly caught up on the backlist ePubbing tasks. I did some promotion related stuff for My Dangerous Pleasure that had been hanging over my head. But all that felt like, and was, work.

Then, whenever I walked into my room, my little writer brain said, “There’s the computer. YOU MUST SIT DOWN AND WORK OR TERRIBLE THINGS WILL HAPPEN.” So like a good little drooling dog writer on deadline, I sat down at the computer and . . .


There’s all kinds of stuff I do when I’m avoiding writing. Twitter, other blogs, checking email. But there was no pay off for the behavior. (Take that, controlling writer mind! I am AVOIDING YOU!) because I wasn’t avoiding anything.

I don’t actually know how to work the TV anymore and even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to watch unless Game of Thrones or True Blood was on.

I have several books I MUST read, but I was effectively avoiding that because I have to read them.

So, dear Readers, how do you relax? I need tips.

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Carolyn Crane
11 years ago

I have heard the advice, from a very good source, to let yourself be bored. No nothing to stave off the bored. And after a couple days, true relaxation kicks in. Can’t say I’ve tried it. I sure hope to.

Oh, and my verification word was besseste, so obviously, that is the besseste advice.

11 years ago

Sorry. Absolutely no advice. I had to look up what exactly ‘relaxation’ was in the dictionary because it sounded so foreign to me…

11 years ago

Would two weeks on Maui fit into your schedule? It’s easy to be bored there and not care a bit.

Isobel Carr
11 years ago

I’m a master relaxer . . . walking the dog, lounging with the dog, napping with the dog. Dog = total relaxation. I can loan you Clancy if you need to be FORCED to relax (he’s so mellow it’s contagious).

I also find that anytime I can be near water (ocean, lake, stream) I just sort of tune out in the most amazing way. Add in some oysters and some wine and the whole day is pure bliss (highly recommend Hearts Desire for this activity; and will join you if you’re up for it!).

11 years ago

I like to do my nails.. or have someone else do them for me. I’m with you on the internet-time-suck. That happens to me a lot. A bubble bath and a glass of wine is also nice! 🙂

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

Three weeks with nothing to do?????????????


11 years ago

Hmm. Some interesting advice. Sadly, I don’t have much vacation time at work. 2 weeks away sounds lovely, but not possible.

After the 21st I may hit you up, @IsobelCarr — I have a massive day job project that weekend…

@Cupk8 – I don’t have any nails to do. I do owe myself a looong massage and facial — after the 21st.

: Nothing to do? Not hardly. The point is finding something that isn’t work that would be refreshing and relaxing… half an hour woudl be nice.

Keep the advice coming. . .

Susanna Fraser
11 years ago

Since developing a pinched nerve in my neck back in November (which might be BETTER by now if it hadn’t been misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome, ARGH!) I’ve had to relax a lot more than I’m accustomed to just to spend regular time with bags of frozen peas against my sore spots, and sometimes because I’m in too much pain to work at all.

I’ve been whittling away at my TBR pile, going from genre to genre to keep my brain fresh. And I watch more TV than before. If it hadn’t been for my pinched nerve, I’m sure I would’ve said I was too busy for Downton Abbey or Game of Thrones and missed out on awesomeness, but I also unwind to lighter fare liked Chopped, Restaurant Impossible, Daily Show/Colbert, and sports.

Oh, and I downloaded a This American Life app for my iPhone and have been catching up on shows I caught in bits and pieces on the radio over the years.

Isobel Carr
11 years ago

Let me know, Caroloyn. I’m so in. I need to get out more (even if it means I’m behind on the book; I’m always behind *sigh*).

Isobel Carr
11 years ago

And it would help if I could type your name. head::desk

Louisa Cornell
11 years ago

Relaxation? What is this strange event of which you speak?

I concur with Isobel. Any activity with my dogs is relaxing. Even bathing a dog the size of a Clydesdale can be relaxing if you don’t mind getting soaked in the process. And I can HIGHLY recommend an afternoon spent in bed with a pack of dogs and a stack of period DVD’s. I do throw in the live action Hundred and One Dalmations for them. Glenn Close is such a fabulous Cruella De Ville!

And at the risk of sounding like a complete nerd, I love to pull one of my Regency research books off the shelf and immerse myself in it for a few hours.

11 years ago

I read, I hike, I sit on the porch and just enjoy the fresh air and peace and quiet. I work in my garden. Pulling weeds is quite therapeutic. If you really can’t settle down to relax, go for a mini-vacation. It doesn’t have to be far. You could do some site seeing in your home area. Most people would be surprised how little they know of the area where they live and what it has to offer.

11 years ago

Thanks for all the great suggestions! I am taking them under advisement.

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