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Threads of Feeling is a really remarkable site. 18th Century textile tokens left with abandoned babies at the London Foundling Hospital is a flash slideshow, so if you’re on an iThing, I believe you won’t be able to view the slideshow. But I highly recommend it. The bits of fabric that were left with the babies are poignant as are the glimpses of writing. The photographs are vivid and lovely.

More about The Foundling Museum which, as I discovered, houses a collection of the composer Handle’s original manuscripts.

Here’s another site I adore: Trovais If I just need to look at something pretty, I go here.

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Jane George
11 years ago

Okay, just spent a bunch of time on Trouvais. But I do feel prettier now…

11 years ago

THREADS OF FEELING is a touching slide show. It was interesting that the quality of the clothing some of those children were left in was rather good. It is sad so many were just left there. I wonder if any were ever able to find their families, if they even looked.

Trouvais has some lovely shots.

Thanks for the links.

Isobel Carr
11 years ago

There’s a book that goes with this too.

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