Scattered Saturday

I usually write my posts earlier in the week, but it’s been a busy week so here I am trying to blog off the cuff. I don’t do it as well as other Riskies, but I’ll try!

I’ve been continuing to work hard on my balloonist story. Since I started again on it this spring, I’ve heavily edited the first half that I’d written earlier. Recently, I got to the chapter I was on when my husband suffered his stroke. Chapter 13 that is. And I struggled with it just as I struggled with Chapter 13 in my last full length romance. I’m not superstitious. Actually, I think my longer stories tend to hit a major turning point around that spot and so it takes more rewrites to make it work. I’m happy with it now and forging on, getting close to the really fun balloon stuff.

Since it’s hard to read the dialogue in this Regency cartoon online, I will tell you that the lady is saying “How it rises!” and the gentleman agrees “It ascends exquisitely!” Yup, about right. 🙂

At the same time, I’ve been busy continuing to look into art for reissuing my backlist and musing more on the issue of how and why covers should convey the level of sensuality of the story. I’m an eclectic reader and have enjoyed anything from the sweet traditional Regency to erotic romance. I’m fine as long as the characterization is good. But many readers seem to be like me when I go to our local pub that has the best Buffalo Wings in the area. I order only the medium wings, because anything less is kind of boring and anything more has me in tears. Maybe that’s what it is for some readers? Anyway, I’m continuing to look for different treatments for my reissues, because they range from my first book, which was on the sweet side, to my last, which was a Super Regency and had sex scenes that horrified the traditional Regency purist.

I’m looking forward to summer. Although I’m not going to RWA this year, I’m eager to start a new writing schedule. Since I won’t be so busy in the morning getting my kids ready for school, solving fashion emergencies and locating lost footwear, I can take that hour (while it’s quiet and cool) to write. Since I’m a morning person, I’m really happy about that.

So how about you? What have you been busy with? Anyone superstitious about the Number 13? Do you like your chicken wings or your romances at just one level of heat? And are you looking forward to summer?


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Artie Mesia
11 years ago

It depends on the characters as to whether I like the scenes spicy or whether I want it sweet. The one thing I do want is for the sex to make sense! Don’t just have sex to have sex. Or so that’s how I feel.

Right now I have lots going on. I interviewed for a new job, I’m working on a side business baking cupcakes from home that is starting to take off, and I’m taking over the Summer Youth Exchange for my Rotary district. Add to that I’m writing a novel, but I haven’t written anything new in over a week. I’m at a point where I’m a little stuck, but I’ll get over it or so I hope.

Fun note: Jasper Fforde, one of my favorite authors, never has a chapter 13 in any of his books. He just skips right over it.

Elena Greene
11 years ago

Artie Mesia, I’m so with you on the sex needing to work with the characters and plot. I was in a workshop with Julia Ross, whose books are very sensual and very well written, where she said that people who skip her sex scenes wouldn’t have any idea what was going on in the story. That’s how I think it should be.

Good luck with all the projects and sympathies on feeling stuck. When that happens to me it helps to switch something up: go for a long thinking walk, switch from computer to longhand, switch between plotting and pantsing. Another technique is to journal about why I don’t want to write the next scene. Anyway, good luck!

LOL on the Jasper Fforde! Smart man.

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

I have had such a busy day! With non-writing things. Gardening and out to dinner.

I’m not superstitious about the number 13.

I don’t mind a sexy romance, but the sex has to make sense in the story. I read romance for the love story and not for the sex.

Louisa Cornell
11 years ago

I’m not terribly superstitious about numbers in particular. I do have my own superstitions, but they don’t involve numbers.

I love Julia Ross’s idea when it comes to love scenes. They should definitely be an intricate part of the plot. You should learn something about the characters in a love scene, something that gives you insight into their actions and feelings.

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