Jane Austen

Summer Fridays

Some of you (okay, most of you) likely indulged in the deliciousness of Masterpiece Theater’s airing of Downton Abbey.

In it, Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham, eyeballs the new heir–the sadly middle-class Matthew Crawley–and asks, with perfect seriousness, “What is a weekend?”

Oh, wow. Can you imagine not looking forward to Friday afternoon, and not having dread on Sunday evening? Not even thinking about a difference between, say, Wednesday and Saturday?

For all of us, I’d say, that is an impossible dream. So with that in mind, let’s tell Violet what a weekend is, and what we plan to do with it. I’ll start:

I am having a few friends over to watch North and South. Again. There will be swooning over Richard Armitage, some snacks, and perhaps more swooning over Nicholas, the rougher bit in N&S.

I will be catching up on True Blood; I’m two episodes behind.

Reading–currently engrossed in Stacia Kane’s City of Ghosts, hope to dive into one of the many Mary Baloghs I’ve got on the TBR pile.

Walking–now that I’m working, I sit a whole damn lot, and I hate it. I hope to get to the gym, too.

I will not be drinking ratafia, bossing the servants around, or bemoaning my lack of an Almack’s invite.

What are you doing?


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Elena Greene
11 years ago

Taking the kids to see Harry Potter with friends, and resisting their pleading for me to wear my Professor McGonagle costume. 🙂

Louisa Cornell
11 years ago

Oh but how cool would that be, Elena! Have we seen photos of you in the outfit???

I am writing today, working tomorrow and hope to be writing on Sunday. My weekend isn’t really a weekend at all!

Just finished Mary Balogh’s latest. Wonderfully sweet love story and stellar characters, especially the hero and heroine!

Janet Mullany
11 years ago

Elena, I want a pic too!

So, tomorrow I’m attending an event at Riversdale House Museum with Kate Dolan who guest blogged yesterday and I will have some fresh and wonderful content, and some pics, to blog about next week.

Oh I dunno about Richard Armitage. I liked him in those tattoos on MI5 (color me superficial) but I found his loverboy transition in North and South sort of creepy. We’d never seen that side, or even a hint of it, before. Was that the point? Didn’t make much sense to me. And I never felt he resolved his dear old mama’s Elektra problems. Who’d want THAT as a mother in law.
Anyway, enjoy.

11 years ago

Catching up on DVDs, a bit of reading and writing, and NASCAR! After this weekend, it goes to ESPN, so I’ll not be able to watch it. I know, so out there. It’s too hot to want to be anywhere but where there is good A/C.

And I’m adding my vote to a picture of the costume!

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

I’m attending a family wedding and fretting over my clothes (not that anyone will be looking at me, but I never know what to wear at such occassions).

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

I could watch Maggie Smith as a dowager countess (or dowager anything) for hours 🙂

Catching up with friends this weekend (hopefully!) and hitting some sales at the mall!

Artie Mesia
11 years ago

Since I am unemployed my weekends and weekdays seem to run into each other. I am constantly looking and applying to jobs and gasp! some universities post jobs on weekends so I can apply. I’m going to a fireworks party. Around 15 years ago a friend of mine committed suicide. His parents hold a fireworks party on the Saturday closest to his birthday to celebrate his life. It’s always nice to catch up with old friends and I get to bake my secret recipe black bottom cupcakes. I’m also going to a picnic for Rotary where I’ve just been asked to take over the Summer Youth Exchange for my district. I will get to meet some of the students I will be “exchanging” with students in other countries. V. exciting. I had a job interview today, but feel horrible about it. But I found another job to apply to that I would really love. Doors close, windows open.

I don’t understand the Richard Armitage hubbabaloo. For me it will always be Anthony Howell in Wives and Daughters. Swoon.

Janet Mullany
11 years ago

Was Anthony Howell the land agent? He was HAWT.

Artie Mesia
11 years ago

Janet: Iain Glenn was the land agent. You can currently see him in Game of Thrones. Anthony Howell was Rodger Hamley. I have a thing for beta heroes and you don’t get more beta than Rodger. Sure he was a bit dopey falling for Keely Hawes, but he came to his senses and then discovered he loved Molly all the more for it.

But I will concur Iain Glenn is HAWT. Just another reason why I love Wives and Daughters better than North and South.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
11 years ago

I love Iain Glen too. Unfortunately it looks less than hot in MI-5 Series 9. He looks frankly decrepit but I’m hoping it’s just the character and not him.

Megan Frampton
11 years ago

Hey don’t forget Iain Glen is in Game of Thrones, too. Plus plays drunk Irish detective Jack Taylor in Ken Bruen’s noir series. Not that I’ve seen those, but I must, because I love both Glen and Bruen.

Megan Frampton
11 years ago

And y’all who don’t get Armitage, I don’t understand, but I’m okay with that. I don’t find Ryan Reynolds hot or anything, which I think leaves me in the way minority.

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