Jane Austen


I just got this new cover art from Hot Damn Designs and I couldn’t be more happy!

Thank you all for helping me brainstorm cover ideas and titles. Based on your inputs, I decided to leave the original title. The last thing I want to do is look like I’m trying to sucker readers into buying the same book twice.

Since the cover artist was so quick, I’m going to scramble to get the formatting done so I can start publishing on Kindle, Nook, etc…

I also want to update my website and consider other ways to possibly increase my online presence. I enjoy blogging and would love to get back to visiting more blogs than our own! So far I haven’t done an author page on Facebook and I am clueless about Twitter, but these are things I’m looking into as well.

I often find out about new authors by word of mouth. I’m lucky enough to have friends with similar enough taste to mine that I’ll always enjoy their recommendations. The nice thing about word of mouth is it’s based on writing a good book, which is something I’m already trying to do. Preserving the writing time is very, very important to me.

But I also think one may have to do some things to get that word of mouth going, though I’m not sure what they are.

What do you think? Since you are here, I’ll assume you enjoy blogs. Are there other ways you find new (to you) authors? I’ve heard Facebook may be declining; do you think it’s dead or just leveled out? How about Twitter?


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Keira Soleore
11 years ago

Elena, hi after a long time. Your new cover’s beautiful.

Word-of-mouth is how I find new authors these days. There are a few people who’s opinions I trust. So when they recommend, I’m listening. However, there are only two categories I read: historical and contemporary. Have so far not been tempted to try recs in, say, paranormal or steampunk.

I haven’t heard anything about the decline in Facebook. What have you been hearing?

Twitter is how I get all my information and news these days.

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

Elena! That cover is BEAUTIFUL!! I love how she did the G in Greene

I love blogging, but can’t say I follow many blogs. And I peek in on Facebook and Twitter. Keira, I ought to take lessons from you. I have no idea how to get any useful information out of reading Twitter!!

11 years ago

That cover is gorgeous!

I follow quite a few blogs, ranging in variety, though I don’t participate in all of them. I don’t use twitter at all. The shortcut spelling and inanity of much of it is not what I want to add to my life. That isn’t to say it’s all bad; it’s simply more input than I want. I have liked using FB to keep up on a variety of topics, including religion, politics, Lord of the Rings, Princess Bride, several favorite authors, and music, sort of my one-stop shopping for quick information. Diane posts when she has blogged (thank you! I knew I was forgetting something last Thursday). Mary Margaret Daughtridge posted the release of her newest SEAL book. Lucy Monroe posts questions of the day from time to time, which makes it fun to interact with her. One of my Desert Rose sisters, Deena Remiel, keeps a very active FB presence, including contests, etc.

Funny little aside: My word verification is imewign, with the e dropped. I first read I’m a widgeon. LOL!

11 years ago

Elena — that cover is gobsmackingly gorgeous.

I think you should do Facebook and Twitter. Facebook might not always remain on the top of the heap. But everybody once thought MySpace was the bee’s knees too … fashions change…

You can use a program like HootSuite or TweetDeck to post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time. And you can use a website service called Twitterfeed — which will send your latest blog post to a Facebook/Twitter (and more feed).

I still look at Facebook more than I look at Twitter, but that’s because I only have so much time in the world… and I just got into Google+

I use Google Reader for following blogs (just add their URL at the “Add Subscription” prompt) but I understand to build ya gotta comment, which I confess I don’t do a whole lot of.

11 years ago

Gorgeous cover Elena! I see you have kept the original name. The cover is very eye-catching and something I would want to read.

Word-of-mouth is important and I would also take notice if you were around reading communities (like Goodreads). For me, I’m on there a lot browsing books and where I discover the majority of books.

11 years ago

I really only like Regency era books, some earlier Georgian, and a few murder mysteries. After I decided I had to have an e-reader, I discovered my favorite new authors on the cheap
Kindle books list. Blair Bancroft, Delle Jacobs, Michele Ann Young, Grace Burrows and Susana Fraser are just a few of the new(to me)authors who are now on my auto list

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

Elena!! What a totally gorgeous cover…

Dalila G.
11 years ago

Hi Elena!

What a lovely cover, congratulations!

I usually go by word of mouth and I read blogs. I only read historical romance though.
I can’t seem to get in other books. I still am heavily into rogues and sexy highlanders! 😀

I’m not into Twitter, Facebook or Myspace. I’m barely managing with basic computer skills! LOL!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Louisa Cornell
11 years ago

Gorgeous cover, Elena! Such vibrant colors!

There just seems to be so much to do to keep an online presence going it really is a bit intimidating!

I do visit a number of blogs every day and I manage to check in with Facebook a few times a week.

Just started on Twitter and I am still getting the hang of it. I tend to follow people I know and therefore I get some good recommendations there!

There are certain authors who are auto-buys for me. When it comes to new authors I do check out some who show up on the blogs I regularly visit. And, of course, like my dear friend, Keira, there are some friends who I know will always steer me to a great read!

Elena Greene
11 years ago

Sorry I wasn’t around to chat much yesterday. I was attending the wedding of a high school friend’s daughter and it took much of the day. It had to be the most elegant wedding I’ve seen–the style very vintage, bridesmaids all in dark blue but in different styles with antique jewelry, a swing band at the reception. Wow! Then when we got home I flopped into bed and My Big Fat Gypsy wedding was on. What a contrast, LOL!

Anyway, thanks for all of the ideas. I didn’t know you could do FB and Twitter with one tool, for instance. Thanks for those tips, Leanne.

It’ll probably take me a while to get going. Writing comes first, always!

11 years ago

I think blog tours are a great way to get your book out there. I haven’t had much luck keeping up with Twitter and do prefer Facebook. I’m not sure how well it would work for promoting your book.

I like the split cover design. Am seeing more of it lately and it works well.

Best of luck with your book’s release.

Megan Frampton
11 years ago

That cover is stunning!

By all measures, Facebook is still the best ROI (in time and money) despite its downslide. So I’d do Facebook, but set up an author page, not a person page. Fans will have to ‘like’ you, and you get more info about them than if you were just friends.

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