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The Things He Does For Love; or, Happy Birthday, Megan!

Ack! I am sorry this is so late–life, etc.

Anyway, this week’s posts have been so much fun to read–yay for my fellow inventive Riskies, who are showing pretties and thinking of deliciously meta posts.

But this post isn’t about them; it’s about ME!

See, my birthday is next week, and I have secured the highest possible sacrifice from my husband to celebrate my birth: He is taking me to see Conan the Barbarian the day it opens, August 19th, which is also my birthday. See how that works?

And if I had to make a Dream Birthday List, I think being able to caress Jason Momoa’s chest would be right up there. Along with scale Alexander Skarsgard’s height, stare in Clive Owen’s green eyes, and force Richard Armitage to talk to me. About coffee varieties, or the latest trend in footwear.

So if you had a Dream Birthday List, what would be on it? Who would be on it?


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Keira Soleore
11 years ago

I don’t have particular requirements about what I’d like to do with them. In fact, anything will be just dandy.

Richard Armitage (mais oui!)
Ioan Gruffudd
Rupert Penry Jones
Matthew MacFadyen
Shah Rukh Khan

11 years ago

That sounds like a darn good birthday wish, Megan.

However, and this may no longer be a surprise to some of you, my birthday wish boy would be Arjun Rampal. Or Alexander Skarsgard. No …. Arjun wait wait! The Askars. . . .

Ok. Both.

PS. Enjoy the movie!

Louisa Cornell
11 years ago

We expect a full report on the chest, I mean, the movie.

My perfect birthday?

Richard Armitage
Gerard Butler
Clive Owen
Alexander Skarsgard
William Levy

A hot tub full of warm chocolate and a long weekend.

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

Now who am I going to request????????

Gerard Butler!!!!!

11 years ago

Happy Early Birthday!…lol…yes I too want to pet Jason Mamoa’s chest…after watching him in Game of Thrones this past season…he can just stand there shirtless all day for me:)

I too have a thing for Alexander Skarsgard…and would add Ioan Gruffud and Chris Hemsworth….yum!

11 years ago

An early Happy Birthday.
Very boring, but my birthday wish would be a trip to The Highlands to spend a month wandering around, exploring castles, villages, the countryside and the villages. Not to mention the food and the music.

I guess i have more of a chance to do that than meet my favorite “hunks.”

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