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Well, Here We Are Again

OK. first off, the day job as day and night job continues. The next 2-3 weeks will be even more so as we transition onto the new infrastructure. I’m so sleep deprived it’s not even funny.

Second off, the NEW hard drive in my computer failed (after the 1st one died) and I had to buy a new computer. Which means the last two days of “writing time” have been spent at the Apple store or doing file restores and setting up the new computer. The new computer is awesome by the way.

Third, I just got revisions. I think my head will explode.

This means that today I have nothing Regency for you. Forgive me. All I have is this news:

It seems there is a LOT of love out there for My Other One True Love (who might actually be my One True Love) Arjun Rampal. I am not the first Romance Author to use him as the mental model for a hero, and I do not think I will be the last.

We will do awesome things like:

  • Have a secret handshake
  • Share info about AR
  • Watch his movies
  • Post information about which books have been inspired (writing AND reading) by Arjun Rampal
  • Devise clever flavors of ice cream, possibly with toppings, and given them Rampal inspired names. Like, A bowl of ice-cream with 4 flavors plus nuts (or sprinkles for the nut averse) will be The Rock On Rampal.
  • Have name tags or something
  • Have a twitter hash tag. I suggest #RampalRomance
  • Other awesome stuff we think of

Where? Well, right now, my blog will be the Fan Club Headquarters. To join, you should leave a comment there.

I’ll probably build out a page on my website, or perhaps set up a separate section on the blog. When I’m not on deadline, which I am right now, plus I just got revisions. In the meantime, sign up! Leave suggestions etc! Share your love and admiration and, if you’re an author, which titles are inspired by him.

In case you need inspiration, because God knows I do right now:

You could leave a comment about anything, but if you talk about Arjun Rampal that would be awesome.

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11 years ago

Carolyn – you have a lot on your plate…just remember to breath deep and don’t let yourself get run down. Love the photo of Arjun Rampal *sigh* – who could be down after seeing that:)

Katherine Bone
11 years ago

I’ve never heard of him. He’s very sexy!

Good luck with your revisions!

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

Awww, thanks for the Wednesday goodies! 🙂 I actually went to see “Crazy Stupid Love” last night and have decided I am in love with Ryan Gosling…

11 years ago

Computer woes… ick.. thank goodness for my darling hubby.. I’m just not very good at that stuff.
Love the AR photo posted!!

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

Carolyn, your fan club could get as big and elaborate as (Of which I am a member).

Louisa Cornell
11 years ago

Another fabulous photo of Arun! Thanks, Carolyn! And commiserations on the pain of the day job/night job. I have one of those too! I live for the day I MIGHT be able to shed it like a dry old snakeskin!

11 years ago

I never heard of Arjun until recently – now it seems everyone is posting about him! I must say, he is pretty gorgeous!

11 years ago

Thanks for the Arjun Rampal love and for the day/night job commiseration. I love you guys!

11 years ago

What a shame both the computer and the day/night job have decided to crash on you. Throw on book revisions and there really is too much to deal with.
I think a distraction like Mr. Rampal is a necessity for your sanity.

Hang in there.

Elena Greene
11 years ago

One can never collect too many gorgeous men. AR is one, for sure! 🙂

I hope all the computer and job woes settle down so you can focus on the fun stuff soon!

11 years ago

Coo – I;ve never heard of Arun before and now I’m wondering – WHY NOT?!

11 years ago

Thanks for the support! This weekend the first batch of databases move to the new infrastructure so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

@alison Now that you HAVE heard of Arjun Rampal I think your life is complete. Join the AR club!

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