One for the Book

Apologies for missing last Friday–I wish I could say I was swept up in some fabulous adventure, but I was working, got busy, and totally flaked.

But anyhoo. I am here now, and that is all to the good.
Today, this afternoon, in fact, I am getting a second tattoo to join the first I got with fellow Risky Carolyn Jewel (Amanda has promised to consider it when we are together, too). My first is a hosta plant on my right hip, a tribute to my maternal grandmother, who was a hosta proselytizer (say it out loud, it rolls right off the tongue!) in her adopted home of Minnetonka Beach, MN.
The second will be visible, unlike the first, on my left wrist. It’ll be a two inch by one and a half inch picture of a book, very similar–exactly like, in fact–the picture above. This one is inspired by my dad, an unrepentant bibliophile, albeit a non-fiction one. My dad would likely chastise me for doing something like this, but also be secretly pleased at the honor. Loving books is definitely something he passed on to me, and it’s been a good thing in so many ways. I figure, too, I’ll never tire of books like I might, say, if I got my favorite band tattooed on my arm back in the day.
Plus I’ve been assured it won’t be as painful to get as the one on my hip, which is apparently one of the most painful spots. I like that I will always have a book, no matter where I am.
If I can, I’ll post pics of the actual thing next week.
What have you done to honor or pay tribute to people you love?
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Elena Greene
11 years ago

Good luck with the tattooing. I’ve always been too afraid of the pain to consider it. A book is a good choice, though, unlikely you’d ever regret that. 🙂

I have sometimes dedicated books to people who supported me. When I finish the balloonist story, I’d like to dedicate it to an uncle we lost too early. He was a gentle, kind man, a talented photographer, an avid supporter of music and theater, and never passed up a chance to ride in a balloon.

11 years ago

Oh, nice. B&W or will there be color?

Megan Frampton
11 years ago

Black and white, Carolyn.

Elena, I remember you mentioning that about your uncle. That is a really nice tribute.

Jenna Petersen
11 years ago

Wrist isn’t bad (where I got my three little birds). I thought the back of my neck was the worst. I love the idea and can’t wait to see pictures!

11 years ago

Love it! I want a real picture ASAP

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

Oh, Megan! My daughter’s friend is a tattoo artist in Brooklyn! I would have given you her name and where she works. She has a MA in Fine Arts.

How very cool of you!

My living room is a tribute to my mother, father, aunt and in-laws. Lots of their furniture and decorative items are displayed there.

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

the Tattoo shop is Graceland in Williamsburg and my daughter’s friend is Amy.

11 years ago

No tattoos here, although my son has a few. Luckily the artist he has used does nice work.
Now real obvious tributes to anyone. We have many pieces of furniture that have been in both our families. Each piece brings back special memories of the people we got them from.

Good luck with the tattoo.

11 years ago

I love the book. And good on you for getting some ink where people will see it. I hope you’ll post a photo when it is done.

I’ve got two tattoos myself- one a Celtic knot and one a large blue butterfly, in memory of my dad. I’ve always wanted one that would be a more visible, but at the same time, I’ve always been too worried what other people think about it.

I saw this post, and a few other items from other friends at just the right time yesterday. All this stuff coming together at just the right time to remind me to do what’s right to me, and not worry so much what other people think.

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