October Overload

October started out well enough. I had a slight cold, but the writing was going well and one weekend, I got out to pick apples and late raspberries with my daughters. The following evening, we made fruit crisp with vanilla ice cream. Yum!

Then my cold worsened into a sinus infection and I dragged for a while. Fortunately, this week I’m feeling better and working on catching up on everything I dropped, also getting back to exercize and writing. I’m feeling well enough to (perhaps foolishly) volunteer for stuff. A misunderstanding amongst volunteers has left our church Halloween Party hanging by a thread. It’s a much-loved event, the highlight being a Haunted House constructed by our very talented youth group. So when it seemed in danger of not happening, I stepped in for what my oldest called “a noble rescue”. That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

So I’m sorry I’ve had no time to write a well-researched post on Halloween or Samhain customs and what people would have done at this season during the Regency! I’m too busy making plans for food, activities and crafts. I’m also finishing up costumes for my kids. Once again, the theme is Star Trek, though this year they aren’t going to “be” Vulcans.

I don’t always dress up, although one year, strapped for time, I went as a Tired Mom in bathrobe and slippers, bearing a ginormous mug of coffee. This time, since I’m coordinating the party, I’m feeling the urge to do something more special. Since my daughters aren’t using their Vulcan ears, I am thinking about borrowing them and going as some sort of Vulcan matriarch. T’Pau would be cool and properly intimidating to any rowdy kids, but the costume looks a bit complicated. And could I find two hunky Vulcan dudes to carry me in? I need to think about this some more!

What have you been busy with this October? Any costumes or other fun stuff in your plans?

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11 years ago

I like the 2 hunky dudes… check out thrift shops & Goodwill for costume pieces!! Sounds like a lot of fun to me!!

11 years ago

What a wonderful cause you’re involved in! Go you! How fun! The apple and raspberry picking has my mouth watering, along with the fruit crisp. Yummy! It’s cool enough to do a bit more making, thankfully. The only fun plan is trying to finish a manuscript for submission, and waiting to hear back on one. It’s fun, and it isn’t, if you take my meaning. 🙂 I’m looking forward to hearing about the success of your event!

11 years ago

I’ve been busy doing fall cleaning and errands (flu shots, etc.) Usually no costumes parties for me.

Jane George
11 years ago

Go T’Pau!

Picking apples and raspberries sounds like a lovely fall jaunt.

One old Samhain custom is to carve an apple peel in one piece, throw it over your left shoulder while asking “Who shall I marry?” of the spirits of All Hallows Eve. The shape of the peel is supposed to form the first letter of the name of true love. Fun party game.

On the 30th I’m attending a Samhain celebration I’ve been going to for years. We’ll have an altar set up for the departed. On the 31st, I’ll be handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Hope I bought enough!

Diane Gaston
11 years ago

I’ve been obsessed by food this October, but only because I joined Weight Watchers. This October (and part of Sept) I’ve lost 8 pounds!!!

I think my costume will be a set of cat ears.

Elena Greene
11 years ago

Good ideas, girglygirlhoosier. I’ll see what I can find!

Judy, best of luck with both manuscripts. Hang in there! I’ve found it’s best to try to forget about the first while writing the next, though easier said than done.

I got my flu shot just before that sinus infection. Stay healthy, jcp!

Jane, that Samhain celebrations sounds intriguing. I know some pagans locally and have wanted to check out some of their activities, but right now Buddhist meditation is what helps me most. Someday I’m going to look into the Romuva movement in Lithuania (my parents both immigrated from there).

Diane, congrats on the weight loss! I haven’t done well, having been sick and off my usual exercise regimen. I tend to eat more when I’m tired. But you inspire me. I will do better! 🙂

11 years ago

Funny you should mention busy. This weekend has turned out to be impossible. Our church’s Fall Festival was today (22nd) and I was on the social committee which organized it. Aside from meetings for the last few months/weeks, we had set-up last night and were there for 12 hours today. We left the church and went straight out to dinner with the group to celebrate the chairperson’s birthday. Tomorrow I have a dulcimer group meeting (1:30 to 3), a Celtic Association meeting (3 to 4:30), and a pot luck & mass at 5. We always look forward to this, but have scheduling problems. In addition to the Fall Festival Saturday, the school scheduled a wine tasting Sunday afternoon from 3 to 5. The mass is at 5, ten miles one way and the Celtic/dulcimer stuff 10 miles in the other direction. We live 20 miles from church in another direction. In addition to that, we have to usher for THE RAIN, a Beatles cover band concert (we are volunteer ushers at the city venue) at the same time as the mass/pot luck. A whole lot is going to have to give.
In addition to this weekend being a zoo, my husband had rotator cuff surgery 2 weeks ago and I had cataract surgery Monday. We both have follow-ups this coming week. Next weekend we are having our annual family Oktoberfest dinner here at our house.

We may not do anything tomorrow afternoon but sit around and chill.

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

I can’t wait to see your costume, Elena!! Halloween is my very favorite holiday 🙂

Elena Greene
11 years ago

Pat, I’m tired just hearing your list. It sounds like you have a very rich life, though of course the occasional day without commitments is also welcome. I’m always a bit baffled when people complain of boredom. I can always find something to do. I bet you do, too!

Elena Greene
11 years ago

Oh and Amanda, I always enjoy your and your pets’ costumes!

Jane George
11 years ago

Diane, you’ve inspired me too. (And this is the first year I have not gotten into the Halloween candy ahead of time. Although I probably just jinxed myself!)

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