One Wicked Christmas

Happy Tuesday, everyone! How was your Halloween? Mine was fabulous–the weather was great, my little goddaughter had a good first Trick Or Treating (though a bit slow, considering she just started walking), and I managed not to eat too much candy. A good time was had by all. And now on to the next holiday–Christmas!

Or at least Christmas in fiction. I have a new Harlequin Historical Undone short story out for November, One Wicked Christmas, a tale of friends-to-lovers against the backdrop of a naughty holiday house party…

London, 1806

Lady Cassandra Osborne is ready to take a new lover to her bed—and knows exactly the man she wants: Sir Ian Chandler, her late husband’s rakish best friend. The single kiss they’d shared had made her feel alive again, awakening dark needs she didn’t even know she had…though Ian had quickly pulled away. Cassie is sure he doesn’t want her, until their reunion at a Christmas house party tempts them to succumb to the desire that has haunted them both….

I know it’s a bit early to be thinking about Christmas (at least for me! I am barely over Halloween…), but to get us in the holiday spirit I will be giving away a free download of One Wicked Christmas to one commenter today. Just tell us what you did for Halloween, your favorite Christmas tradition, what kind of holiday stories you like…anything at all….

And if you don’t win a copy, you can buy One Wicked Christmas at eHarlequin or Amazon

About Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

Writer (as Amanda McCabe, Laurel McKee, Amanda Carmack), history geek, yoga enthusiast, pet owner!
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Natalie D.
10 years ago

Ohhh Christmas. I pay homage to my Swedish decent and make delectable Swedish gingerbread cookies, known as pepparkakor. Yumm! Now I can’t wait for December!

Janie Mason
10 years ago

Rushed home from yoga class to pass out candy. Hubby had already had the two neighbor boys stop and we never got any more kids!(our houses are pretty spread apart so kids generally go to other streets) I was so bummed to not see any kids in costumes.

Diane Gaston
10 years ago

I love Christmas stories!!!! There is nothing better to put me in the mood for the holidays.

I LOVE your costume, Amanda!

I passed out candy – not much candy. We had fewer Trick or Treaters this year and a whole bag of candy left over – and I didn’t eat any of it!! (maybe that’s why I had a bag left over…)

Cathy P
Cathy P
10 years ago

Hi Amanda! Last night, I fixed dinner, we ate, and watched TV. The trick-or-treaters started coming around 7:00, and horrors of horrors, we only had 12 of them last night. Usually we have at least 50 of them come by. Maybe it’s because the KC Chief’s were playing Monday Night Football, which we watched. They won by 3 points. Go Chiefs! Yay!

Elena Greene
10 years ago

You look so cute, Amanda!

I had a pleasant evening. I passed out candy while my daughters trick-or-treated with friends. They made a good haul and have accepted the fact that I take my cut (for helping with costumes) in Almond Joys.

10 years ago

Congratulations on the new story. With the snow we had over the weekend it does feel like Christmas is coming quickly. I just enjoy having a nice dinner with my family and watching my little nephews open their presents.

Kim Swiderski
10 years ago

I had my mom over for dinner last night so she could see the kids in costumes. She doesn’t get trick-or-treaters at her apartment building. My daughter stayed home to hand out candy but decided to go out for the last hour. She got a ton of candy in that short amount of time!

I ADORE Christmas stories. I have to get them all. Well as many as the budget will allow anyways. LOL

Maria D.
10 years ago

Halloween was pretty boring…pretty much came home and dealt with dinner and then while my parents handed out candy…I read a historical paranormal…As far as Thanksgiving…really looking forward to the Ham, Sweet Potato Casserole and the Pumpkin Pie…then really looking forward to the Christmas cookies my mom and I make..especially the Scandinavian Almond Bars.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

Now I have a terrible craving for Halloween candy again–especially Almond Joys (thanks, Elena!)

I love hearing about everyone’s holidays…

10 years ago

Didn’t do anything for halloween. No kiddies come by our dark remote location. Christmas… my mom use to make vinha d’alhos for us to eat after midnight mass. She is 82 1/2 and still makes it for all of us even though we’re not at home anymore. We come over and eat it on Christmas day.

10 years ago

I was ready for Trick or Treaters, but didn’t get any. Watched TV and at the candy I couldn’t give away. I did make up 2 big treat bags to give to my grandsons, both 13, earlier in the day.
It is never too early to think of Christmas. I already have one new Christmas book for this year and am making a list of others I want. ONE WICKED CHRISTMAS sounds interesting.

10 years ago

Halloween was a bust on my end. I spent the night working. Haven’t even seen any Halloween candy though I did manage to snag a caramel apple from a coworker. I am not yet in holiday mode but the gift catalogs sadly suggest I should be… My favorite holiday event which I rarely am free to attend is a Messiah sing along (yes, I realize it’s Easter music but this is when they tend to be held). Maybe this year. There’s something so electrifying about 100s of people singing together.

Jane George
10 years ago

Over 500 little (and some pretty durn big) trickers at my house. Felt stingy giving out one fun-size candy per costume. Next year I’ll budget for the onslaught. We’re in a safe ‘hood with sidewalks. They truck the kids in.
(But I had a blast.)

Amanda – that is an adorable pic!

10 years ago

Congratulations on the new eBook. Christmas stories are always great.