Risky Regencies


So the start of each year (and often the start of each month, actually!) I make resolutions. They are usually along the lines of more sleep, more fun, more exercise.

And each year, I don’t achieve those resolutions with quite as much resolve as I’d like.
But still, hope springs eternal, so my resolutions remain the same for this year, adding in ‘more writing,’ including ‘more and better blogging.’
What are your resolutions as we head into 2012? Do you make them? Do you track your progress?
And Happy New Year!
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10 years ago

You ARE perfect the way you are. Though I wouldn’t mind more blogging…

10 years ago

I found that when I stopped calling them resolutions and started referring to them as Christmas Gifts to Myself, everything changed. This will be year three, and the previous two have been successful.

Elena Greene
10 years ago

At the local YMCA the exercise classes are always crowded in January and by February or March a lot of the newcomers disappear. So I’m kind of a skeptic on New Year’s resolutions, or at least putting too much faith in them. It’s the daily slog that matters, in exercise or in writing.

Jane George
10 years ago

Oh heck, I don’t know.

I really like what Judy said. Giving myself the gift of good health would be just about the best thing I could do for everybody in my life.

Beth Elliott
10 years ago

I was always full of good intentions but learned the hard way that it’s better to be more modest in my aims. Exercise, writing, getting the garden neater and redecorating the house… too much already. Writing always comes first… I do mean to try for all of those.

Diane Gaston
10 years ago

Hope springs eternal! You put it so well. I think resolutions are good. We should be setting goals for ourselves. We can do better, even if we can’t do it all.

I hope you do more writing, too!!!!

10 years ago

I think about resolutions. I am constantly making them – “I will get my desk cleared of.” “I will get the family room cleaned up.” I have finally decided to keep my expectations small – organize a drawer or closet. It at least gives me positive reinforcement in small increments.
The whole point of resolutions is improvement. Nowhere does it say those changes must be big ones or accomplished rapidly. Slow and steady is easier and less discouraging.

Megan Frampton
10 years ago

As library pat and the rest of you say, it’s about striving for improvement, not huge sweeping changes. Thanks, all, and good luck to all of us.

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