Risky Regencies

Mild, Medium, Hot or Suicide?

Once in a while, I read customer reviews or get reader mail complaining about the level of sex in my books. I think this is partly my own fault, because I’ve written everything from the sweet traditional Regency (my first two stories) to my newest novella, which was originally targeted for Harlequin’s sexy Undone! line. It’s no wonder that readers who prefer just one heat level get confused.

But I’ve actually put a lot of thought into how to package my reissued stories. I want my covers to hint (though not scream) at the sensuality. I’ve also try to address this in the product descriptions I write (excerpt here).

LADY EM’S INDISCRETION is an original, sexy Regency novella (short story) by award-winning author Elena Greene. Length: about 13,000 words (7 chapters). Sensuality: Erotic. Lovemaking scenes are central to the story.

I didn’t originally call this story “erotic” because I’ve read erotic romances that are far edgier than this (bondage, multiple partners, etc…) I only updated it to “erotic” after several complaints. But I still get the occasional review that this novella has too much sex in it. Funny, they also sometimes complain that it is too short.

So while at a pub with friends last night, I wracked my brains and came up with a brilliant solution for helping readers find what they want.

I thought about the fact that I read all levels of romance, from sweet to erotic. Characterization and storytelling are what matter most. But it’s totally different when Buffalo chicken wings are concerned. “Mild” is too bland, “Hot” is too spicy and “Suicide” would probably kill me. So it’s always “Medium” for me.

Taking the chicken wing analogy to romance, romance novels could be categorized and labeled as follows:

Mild – things you can talk about at a PTA or church meeting
Medium – things you’ll admit having done
Hot – things you’ve actually done
Suicide – things that are fun to imagine but you’d probably never do

All we have to do is get bookstores and reviewers to buy into this. It should be a snap.

What do you think? How would you handle this?


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10 years ago

LOL!! I think it’s brilliant!

10 years ago

Hi Elena

I think your new rating system is brilliant.

Having read the description here, I can’t figure out why anyone would complain. I got short and hot from that.

Elena Greene
10 years ago

Glad you both enjoyed this!

Beebs, I’m wondering if maybe readers who enjoy some of my books buy others without taking time to read the descriptions. If so, it’s kind of a compliment.

10 years ago

What a great rating system! Love the Suicide idea – LOL!

Read my first Undone and let me tell you. For a novella, it is wonderful! Must read more.

BTW, when it comes to the “wings”, I’m always a medium, sometimes a hot, and leaning towards suicide!

Diane Gaston
10 years ago

Very interesting idea, Elena1
although I think the “suicide” term is too negative. I can’t imagine wanting to read something termed “suicide”

I do realize this is meant in a joking way, though.

It always astounds me when readers complain that something labeled a novella or a short story isn’t really book length!

Jane George
10 years ago

“Burning” might work for the last category. I think it’s funny and wonderful that you are out socially, enjoying hot wings, and you are still in the land of books.

Diane Gaston
10 years ago

Ooooh. I love the term “Burning.” That just says it all for me!!!

10 years ago

Fun analogy, but it is actually a pretty good idea. You can certainly never go by the covers.

Isobel Carr
10 years ago

RT uses “scorcher”, which I always quite liked.

Jane George
10 years ago

Scorcher is perfect. ‘Burning’ is a bit too redolent of heartburn, or STD’s.

Elena Greene
10 years ago

I like “Scorcher” too. “Suicide” is taking the chicken wing analogy too far. 🙂

10 years ago

For many years a Thai restaurant here used the scale of Mild, Medium, Hot or Volcano. . .

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