Be Careful What You Wish For!

So I have a son. A 12 year-old son. And he is currently in seventh grade at a gifted and talented school (the Proud Mom says) studying creative writing (New York City has middle school kids do ‘major’s, and that’s his).

He is super-creative, super-talented, and has a huge vocabulary. So far, so yay.
But–be careful what you wish for, since he is as big a reader as I was at his age. Which is to say, he reads to the exclusion of most other things, including taking a bath within 30 minutes, retrieving something from his room (“I got distracted!”), and concentrating on doing homework. There’s always a book nearby, and we just redid his room to accommodate his huge collection of manga.
So when I find myself griping about how much he reads, I have to hit myself. How great is that? Were all of you like that, too?
PS: Still waiting for the potentially excellent news I was hoping for last week. Fingers still crossed.
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Beth Elliott
10 years ago

A child who reads will do well, so don’t worry [says the teacher]. Your son is developing his vocabulary, imagination, grasp of other cultures, absorbing history, etc, etc. marvellous!
I used to read all the time, still do. What the heck, if I forget something today, either I’ll do it tomorrow or it will cease to be important.

Elizabeth Kerri Mahon
10 years ago

I came out of the womb reading. My mother told me that I used to grab for the newspaper when I was still in my crib. I read voraciously, often two or three books at a time, rotating between fiction and non-fiction.

Diane Gaston
10 years ago

I’m not the voracious reader many of you are, but it was hard for me to have a son who was not a reader hardly at all! He did, however, complete college and has a good job. Plus he can do anything mechanical that he sets his mind to, a trait he shares with his father, grandfathers and great grand fathers.

Jane George
10 years ago

Wow, he reads Polish chem books? (JK. What is that pic of?)

10 years ago

How lucky you are to have a reader.
I was the same way, still am. However, I was the only one of 6 siblings that liked to read. Our oldest daughter likes to read, but the other two not so much. Our other daughter is dyslexic which makes reading a not so enjoyable a chore. She will make it through a book she really likes, but it takes a long time. Our son is ADHD and will read a lot when he is in the mood and I’m not looking. Then there are times he can’t stay put long enough to bother. He is actually much like Diane’s son. He too can do anything mechanical and will hit the books to find out more.
My husband enjoys reading, but doesn’t take much time to do it.

Elena Greene
10 years ago

I’ve always been an avid reader and my children are the same. Mostly I love it, but I’ve had to make a rule against reading while walking and especially while or climbing stairs. 🙂

LM Preston
10 years ago

Awesome! I have to trick my son into reading. Although, I’ve even gotten him to write a short story which I put in one of my books. So keep it going mom, you did great!