Novellas, Covers and Giveaway!

Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but I’m kind of lukewarm about the covers put on the old Regency anthologies.

Here’s one for an anthology in which a friend, Patricia Bray, had a story. The kittens on the cover are adorable, but they don’t say “romance” to me and the stories inside focused more on the paranormal than the cuteness.

I have mixed feelings about the Christmas anthology covers that seem to imply that the season itself somehow guarantees a happy ending. But a lot of Christmas novellas don’t actually use the holiday as a gimmick. In fact, the title of this one, with Risky Amanda as one of the contributors, actually refers to paranormal elements in this anthology. Much more fun.

I’ve only participated in one anthology myself, HIS BLUSHING BRIDE, with Alice Holden and our good friend and occasional Risky guest, Regina Scott. When I first saw the cover, I knew that though the Valentine-y treatment wasn’t my thing, it would appeal to a lot of readers. (The book sold pretty well.) Still, I went for a different look for the cover for the reissue of my story from that anthology, The Wedding Wager.

What do you think? Do you go for anthologies or novellas with the cute covers, or are there other types of covers you prefer?

I’ll be giving away 5 Kindle or Nook copies of The Wedding Wager to commenters chosen at random. If you win, you can also nominate a friend to receive a free copy. Void where prohibited. You must be over 18. No purchase necessary. Post your comment by midnight EST on February 24th. I will post an announcement on Saturday, February 25, so please check back to see if you have won.


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10 years ago

Cute doesn’t do it for me. I do love gorgeous sweeping gowns in vibrant colors. I also like different & interesting.


10 years ago

Your cover for the wedding wager is about a thousand times better, and importantly, more likely to engage my interest and therefore my purchase than any of the anthology covers.
It’s much more modern and edgy, than than twee and old fashioned.

Sunnygirlt at gmail .com

10 years ago

When I was younger, and trying to buy romances on the sly, the Kitten anthologies helped me a lot in that way. My dad thought they were stories about kittens–not romance, so he bought them for me never being the wiser (til my sister spilled the beans five years later).

Now…I like the sweeping gowns, but more than that I like the heroine on the cover to show some sort of personality. The cover for Sarah MacLean’s new book, A ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME, is a good example of this–the model on the cover has this sort of ‘are you serious?’ look on her face which works well for the heroine’s character.

I do like the cover to the Wedding Wager! (which incidentally I own that anthology for the Alice Holden story) It would catch my attention if I was perusing an online store for a new story to read!


10 years ago

As a designer, I always find your posts on cover design evolution quite interesting, plus they make me travel back to those younger days when I practically lived at the local library browsing books and judging covers.

Barbara E.
10 years ago

Honestly, although I appreciate a good looking cover, I care more about what’s inside the book. I guess if it has an unattractive or obviously amateurish looking cover, I might not even pick it up to see what’s inside, so covers do matter. I have to say I think the Bewitching Kittens cover would attract me, it’s cute and I do like the cover you chose for The Wedding Wager much better than the cover of the anthology it was in.

Elena Greene
10 years ago

I’m glad people find the new cover attractive.

Lexie, that’s funny how the kitten covers worked out for you!

10 years ago

I think cute covers might work for me if the stories are romantic comedies. I agree that the cover for “The Wedding Wager” is lovely. Stepbacks are my favorite.

Cathy P
10 years ago

Cute or eye catching covers draw my attention, but what matters most is the story itself.

I like both analogies and novellas.

Amanda McCabe/Laurel McKee

I love you new Wedding Wager cover!! And I was never too sure about those weirdly Photoshopped-in kittens 🙂

10 years ago

This was an interesting post. I like the cover for The Wedding Wager.


Diane Gaston
10 years ago

I think the cute covers of the traditional Regency books helped to hasten their demise.

Your cover is great, Elena!

Louisa Cornell
10 years ago

Great job on the new cover for The Wedding Wager, Elena! I love those anthologies because I can take them to work and read each story during my lunch and breaks and actually finish them. They’re great when I am working on my own book because I don’t get drawn in by a long novel.

When it comes to anthologies these days I look for the names of authors I know are going to give me a good read. And because of that I have discovered some authors I haven’t read before included in the anthology.

I love covers with gorgeous colors that look classy.

10 years ago

That Mask! Ooooh, that mask. I adore how she seems to represent mischief, unadorned by feathers, rhinestones, or paint. She is going to cause some trouble, I just know it…

Susan in AZ

Cara King
10 years ago

Love your new cover, Elena!

I admit I liked all the kitten covers. Todd and I had a running joke that each of the kittens was shouting out in turn “I’m the cutest one!” “No, I’m the cutest one!” And then I’d just have to buy the book so I could make an educated decision…

10 years ago

I like for covers to suit the story or stories. Cute usually works great in romantic comedoies but in historical romance, I tend to want details in the apparel or the setting itself (castles, horses etc.).


10 years ago

I think I actually have all three of those anthologies. I love anthologies and the covers are less important to me than the theme and the authors involved. I will say the kitten one is misleading. I have several that have cute kittens on the cover. Not a big deal if the book is a romance with a low to medium heat setting. I bought a trade paperback with a darling cat for out library. It was The Magical Christmas Cat by Lora Leigh, Erin McCarthy, Nalini Singh and Linda Winstead Jones. A good book, but anything but sweet romance. Many of the little old ladies at our library got quite a surprise when they checked it out.

I think the covers should at least reflect the true nature of the romances inside. There is a big difference between sweet Regency and what Nalini Singh are offering. I am surprised some of my patrons didn’t blow their pacemakers (they usually read Christian romance and “traditional” Regency).

I like covers that have a bit more personality than the one’s you have here. They don’t have to be as striking as THE WEDDING WAGER, but a bit more “something” would be nice.

librarypat AT comcast DOT net

G Bell
10 years ago

I like covers that are a little “risky” – something unique and different. however, lately i’ve been reading 80s romances with really funny coloured heroines and they are still entertaining..

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