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Regency Question of The Week

You have the cutest new reticule ever!!! What color is it, what’s inside it and how will the contents cause the brooding Earl of Stud-Lee to fall hopelessly in love with you?

(My reticule is pink. I have sixpence inside. Lord Stud-Lee will fall in love with me when I wager the entire sixpence on a game of whist in which he is the prize. And I win.

And what a prize he is.)


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Beth Elliott
10 years ago

My reticule is cornflower blue, to match my eyes. At a picnic I emptied the contents out just as the Earl of Stud-Lee happened to be brooding next to me. His eyes fastened on the curious silver charm I always carried. With one flashing glance from his dark eyes, he pulled out the identical charm from his pocket.
‘You truly are my adored Emmeline,’ he whispered, clutching my hand, ‘I thought Napoleon had separated us forever.’

Charlotte Sannazzaro
10 years ago

My reticule is white, trimmed with lace. Within it I am carrying my dance card, and I have written Stud-Lee’s name into every slot… thus proving my devotion to no-one but him.

Jane George
10 years ago

My reticule looks just like Hermione Granger’s beaded bag with the Undetectable Extension Charm. After I ‘accio’ all of Stud-Lee’s possessions into my reticule, he’s going to want to talk to me.

Louisa Cornell
10 years ago

My reticule is purple velvet trimmed in black silk ribbons. Inside is the note he sent to Lady Too Snooty to Live. And, of course, my darling little pistol. Lady Too Snooty isn’t interested in the tryst the Duke of Stud-Lee has suggested. But I AM! And if he hesitates, the pistol should be incentive enough to get him into my carriage!

10 years ago

You guys are good.

10 years ago

My reticule is navy blue with white piping. Inside I carry a small handkerchief trimmed in lace, a few shillings, and the solution to Fermat’s Last Theorem. Needless to say, Lord Stud-Lee, member of a covert band of His Majesty’s spies, is intrigued by the possibility that I could break the previously unbreakable code used by Napoleon’s forces on the Continent. And the best thing is that we would have to work closely (ahem!) together.

10 years ago

My reticule is of dove-gray silk. Its reservedness matches my usual style of dress. I usually don’t approach strange men (after all, one should be introduced first!), but I saw him in a park and he had the sweetest hound at his feet. As I had a few treats in my reticule, I couldn’t help but offer one.

He wasn’t thrilled at my “spoiling” his dog, but he grudgingly allowed it, and as we talked I was delighted to discover we are both attending the same ball this weekend! Something about the way he looked at me as I left makes me think I’ll be seeing more of him- perhaps more than is quite proper…

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