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Wednesday Madness

Things are crazy at work and I’m trying to finish a novella AND it’s summer and the kid is home. I do not have much of a post today. I was going to add a pretty picture but I can’t do that from here.

Did this sort of thing happen in the Regency? Not the computer stuff but running out of time for everything? I would like five minutes where I have no responsibility but to wonder if Lord McHottyPants looks as good out of the coat as he does in it.

If you had those five golden minutes, what would you do? It can’t be work.

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Beth Elliott
10 years ago

In the Regency you can be sure your quill pen would need mending when you were in a hurry – the ink would spatter across your precious sheet of paper and you would be all hot and bothered. B 122ut then in saunters Lord McHottyPants and with impeccable good manners, he summons his secretary to take over the tiresome task of writing and sending your letter. Meanwhile you get to drive out with Lord MHP in his high perch phaeton and go for an ice at Gunters. Does that improve the day?

10 years ago

I would take a quiet walk in the garden/meadow/woods. No distractions, no one allowed to interrupt. Just peace and quiet.

Louisa Cornell
10 years ago

I would read something completely frivolous – not research, not even historical romance. I would sit and read Byron.

Elena Greene
10 years ago

Go to someplace in nature and just sit there.

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