The 50′ Pink Rabbit of the Regency

Just for fun and procrastination I googled ten basic plots and came up with some weird weird stuff as you might expect. So I thought I’d come up with my own. Please feel free to add your own:

  • Hero[ine] leaves home and becomes involved with 50′ high pink rabbit cult.
  • 50′ pink rabbit arrives in town.
  • H/H want each other but physical object such as 50′ pink rabbit prevent their union.
  • H/H both want the 50′  pink rabbit, possessed of title and immeasurable wealth, but not each other.
  • The 50′ pink rabbit runs a spy ring and recruits H/H who become fierce competitors.
  • The 50′ pink rabbit writes a book called A Lot of Shades of Pink that becomes an immediate bestseller despite a rabbit’s typically incompetent grasp of grammar or basic math.
  • The 50′ pink rabbit receives movie deals and product endorsements and H/H plot its downfall.
  • The 50′ pink rabbit inherits a charming but run down B&B in a small town and hires H/H’s respective remodeling/interior design companies (note: excellent for Hero/Hero books)
  • H/H start new job as assistant to the 50′ Billionaire Pink Rabbit who mercilessly sexually harasses them and chews through their power cords.
  • 50′ pink rabbit invites H/H to secret club where he/she/they are forced to wear rabbit costumes and eat carrots.
  • Renegade government agents H/H capture 50′ pink rabbit that is a threat to national security.
  • H/H rescue 50′ pink rabbit imprisoned by Pentagon for secret testing.
  • The 50′ pink rabbit secretly gives birth to a litter of 10 blind 6′ babies.

More, please!

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Maggie Robinson/Margaret Rowe

We once had a not-50′-pink rabbit who ate the sheetrock next to her cage. I have never looked upon her as inspiration before, although she finally escaped to the wild. She’s probably the heroine of a dystopian Bunnicula rip-off.

Elena Greene
10 years ago

Genetic engineering experiment gone wrong. Mutant rabbit escapes. Hero must stop rabbit before it eats its way through the planet’s power cords. Moved by the plight of the poor misunderstood creature, heroine vows to rescue and rehabilitate it.

Jane George
10 years ago

H/H come together during Guinness World Records attempt to make largest-ever pink rabbit Jell-o mold.

Diane Gaston
10 years ago

This is just too funny!

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