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Cover Reveal! Other Stuff, too

On the ides of March, 2013, the three stories in the Midnight Scandals anthology with Yours Truly and authors Courtney Milan and Sherry Thomas will be available for individual sales.
Here is a the cover for One Starlit Night:

Cover of one Starlit Night
One Starlight Night

The amazing and talented Courtney Milan did the cover. The covers for the other two stories are similarly lovely (and work extremely well in the digital space.)

In other news, I am pulling together the information and resources for doing some audio books, starting with Lord Ruin.

For those of you who listen to audio books, any likes, dislikes, and/or secret wishes in re the same?

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Isobel Carr
9 years ago

Nice! The contrast is really going to JUMP in thumbnail.

9 years ago

I would suggest that you look at this website for hints and tips re audiobooks:

They take their romance audio seriously and have clear views and advice on dos and do nots!

9 years ago

Great cover! And I’m sure you’ll do a great job with the audio books.

9 years ago

Lovely cover. Should be a good anthology. Being able to order just one book from an anthology is one definite advantage of e-books. I have several anthologies that contain stories found in other books I have.

I used to listen to quite a few audio books every year when I commuted to work. Since I am no longer working, I don’t listen to as many. I find it hard to just sit in the house and listen to a book. I need to start back on the treadmill and listen while I walk.

For me, the reader is the most important element in an audio book. I have listened to some read by the author and it didn’t work. Ensemble casts are good. Importantly, there are several excellent readers out there who do an excellent job with different voices and narration.

Jane George
9 years ago

SOoo pretty. Love those colors!

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