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Spring Cleaning

This weekend, I forced myself to take a look at my jungle-cave of a garage (seriously, there is barely room in there for me to pull in my car AND get out of it!).  There are boxes of out-of-season purses and shoes, Christmas decorations, gardening stuff, and of course mostly books.  Books I’ve stored, and back copies of my own books, which have gotten out of control.  So I am having spring-cleaning giveaways over the next few weeks on my blog to find some of those copies new homes.  This week–One Naughty Night, the first in my new Laurel McKee “The Scandalous St. Claires” series.  (I said on my blog 10 copies, but I found another stash so I have more to give away…and if you like it and leave a review on Amazon, I will send you a copy of the sequel too!!)  I am determined to get organized and make room for more books!!!

Visit my blog and leave contact info to enter…

(And if any of you authors know who might take foreign language copies, let me know…)

This is what I store things in:


If I lived in the Regency, things might be a little more elegant.  I could use a leather trunk:

LeatherTrunk LeatherTrunk2

Or an oak trunk (this one is French):

OakTrunkOr a portable writing box: (for a great story about Jane Austen’s almost-lost portable writing desk, go here…)

WritingBoxOr a sewing box:


Or an armoire:


What are your favorite organizational tips??

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alisha woods
alisha woods
9 years ago

I have bookcases crammed full of books but my TBR shelfs/box need help. I don’t have a nightstand so have thought of getting a nightstand with drawers to but my tbr books in spine side up so I can see title

Nancy S Goodman
9 years ago

My best organizational tip is to thow things away! If i haven’t needed it in several years, dump!
Of course with Murphy’s Law, as soon as I do, somehow I will need it, but still…it usually works!

9 years ago

Organizational tips????

There are a few areas in my house where chaos reigns–places I’ve just put stuff in times of duress. Mostly I just try to keep the chaos from invading the rest of the house.

Actually, I do hope to tackle those areas, not until the balloonist story is DONE.

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