Guest post from the cat

La dame avec son chat, Marguerite Gérard
Lunch? Did someone say lunch? Maybe this ugly woman will feed me. Otherwise I’ll crush her.

Janet is so incredibly lazy that she asked me to write today’s blog. She also took far too long to feed me today and has invited strangers into the front yard to take down her tree, thwarting any desire I might have to eat grass followed by recreational vomiting.

I’m HELPING the fish. What do you think I’m doing?

So, the Regency. Not a good time for cats. No reproductive rights, persecuted for our beautiful coats and tuneful intestines. Portrayed, as you can see, as grotesque gluttons or sneaky criminals.

Guess what I just did down here.

Excuse me, I must go eat.

Where was I? Oh yes, the Regency. A time of persecution and–

OMG what is that on the ceiling?

Never mind. Hey, I bet you can’t get your leg up by your ear and do this.

Dream on, dog.

Any other cats out there who wish to comment?

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Charlotte Russell
9 years ago

Yawn. Feels good to wake up from a good night’s rest. Hello, Janet’s cat. You know, at least those portraits don’t portray us (heh, see what I did there? I’d like to see that kind of wit from a dog) as lazy beings who sleep our lives away. Nice chatting with you. I’m off for my mid-morning nap.

Beth Elliott
9 years ago

My name is Wellington, which is as Regency as you can get. [Pause, while I groom a little. Like that human Wellington, I do like to be smart]. We cats know how to get our humans trained – so keep the side up, you guys. Our sleeping time and the places we choose for it, our occasional show of not disdaining food, the odd mouse to remind them they can’t do without us, and if thay don’t learn fast enough, we can Use Our Claws. Zzzzz

Jo's Daughter
Jo's Daughter
9 years ago

Hello fellow cats, our names are Charlotte & Chloë…. “You should say Chloë & Charlotte, as I am the oldest and more important cat of the two of us”. No, no it’s Charlotte first as I am the top lady and I wish to talk first… “We celebrated our Birthday last Wednesday & I was definitely the queen of the cat ball. Our housekeeper Jo’s Daughter put many of MY fabulous photo’s on her blog” Yeah right I spotted myself there more than once. Besides I Charlie had a multicolored outfit on & you Chloë-dear had that plain white cat suit you always wear, soooo predictable…. “That’s it sister: we are having a cat fight!!!!”

Diane Gaston
9 years ago

I am Diane’s cat (one of them – the pretty one – a lady – not a smelly male cat). I am also known as the cat-who-lives-on-the-kitchen table. Amidst Diane’s uproar and celebration of her daughter’s college graduation, I decided to be sick. I have developed a urinary tract infection with accompanying vomiting and toileting mishaps. Luckily for Diane she and daughter and daughter’s boyfriend took me to the vet and got me some antibiotics and after that I felt much better and only threw up twice, although Diane found it before her mother-in-law! Whew!

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