Last week I finally got the cover for my September Harlequin Historicals release, The Runaway Countess!!  It’s such a suspenseful moment just before opening those new cover files.  Will it be hideous?  Beautiful? Make my heroine look weirdly like Miley Cyrus or something?  But I didn’t need to worry at all about this one, I love it wholeheartedly.


Wed to wickedness 

In Society’s eyes, Hayden Fitzwalter, Earl of Ramsay and Jane Bancroft have the perfect marriage. But what can’t be seen are the secrets hidden behind closed doors. Believing Hayden will never renounce his dissolute ways, Jane flees to her family’s dilapidated estate in the country. 

Years later, Hayden now longs to win back the only woman who has ever touched his heart. But first he has to convince her that this rogue is ready to be tamed…. 


Two sisters, two scandals, two sizzling love affairs

It’s available for pre-order now

This book was my first attempt at a “marriage in trouble” story, which was a fun challenge!  How to take a couple already married, but torn apart by disappointed expectations and a lost child.  It made writing their HEA twice as sweet, I think.  (Book two will be the story of Jane’s free-spirited sister Emma…)

Do you like “marriage in trouble” plots??  What do you look for in Regency covers?

And I will be drawing a winner for Kae Elle Wheeler’s The English Lily later tonight!  You still have time to comment on last Tuesday’s post….