Wedding Bells

I feel sort of silly following Diane’s lovely post on the “Threads of Feeling” exhibit (which sounds wonderful and heartbreaking!) with a frivolous pic-heavy meringue, but I am on vacation and haven’t much time!!  (plus I do love a wedding, especially a royal one…)  Last weekend Princess Madeleine of Sweden (who really has had a sad, romance novel-heroine-ish life before) married NYC banker Christopher O’Neill, and there were tiaras and gowns aplenty.  Let’s take a look and judge!  (and for more info and images, this is a great blog….)

First, the beautiful bride in her Valentino gown!

MadWedding1Swedenwedding2 The wedding of Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Christopher O'Neill hosted by King Carl Gustaf XIV and Queen Silvia at The Royal PalaceMadWedding4MadWedding5

I think she looks lovely/ethereal/summery/princessy!  I have to be a bit judge-y on that weird dust ruffle thing on the bottom (which was totally unnecessary!), and I was kinda hoping to see the stunning Cameo tiara (which once belonged to Empress Josephine!), but instead we got her everyday fringe tiara.  (I wish I had an everyday tiara…).  But really pretty.  And I will take those earrings now, ok, thx.

For me the day was stolen by Crown Princess Victoria (older sister of the bride) and her stunning lavender-ish gown and Princess Lilian’s tiara.  (for more about Princess Lilian’s bittersweet, romantic story, this is a good place to look)  Plus I squee with happiness every time I see that little Princess Estelle.

What do you think about Madeleine’s gown??  How does it compare to your all-time favorite royal wedding looks?  (My all-time greats would be Princess Margaret, Crown Princess Victoria, maybe Kate…)

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