Baby Fever!

CarolineDollWow, so very much baby news lately!!  Diane is a grandmother, and a little prince or princess is soon on its way in England.    I do not have any news of my own, (thankfully!), but I do like thinking about cute tiny clothes, precious weensy shoes, and best of all children’s books….  (I also took a shopping trip to the American Girl Place last week to buy a doll for my goddaughter–at 3 she is still a bit young for the AGs, but I had the best time wandering around looking at all the little outfits, reading the books, and planning for future presents for her.  Did you know they now have a War of 1812 American Girl doll named Caroline???  Complete with spencers and bonnets and a wee little Regency dining room set.  Plus a black cat named Inkpot.  Bliss)


DuchessPregnantIn honor of all this adorable new life, I’m having a little contest today!  Guess the gender and possible name of the upcoming Baby Cambridge, and whoever gets the closest (and first!) to being right will win an autographed copy of any of my books you like.  (My own guess is girl, but as for names I have no clue…)

If you need a little help, here are a few sites that help with the guesswork!

The Telegraph

Entertainment Wise (they say “Charlotte” is the front-runner…)

Huffington Post  (who says it will be “Philip”)

A Daily Mail article on how the new arrival will be titled (HRH Prince/Princess FirstName of Cambridge)

The excellent Baby Cambridge fundraiser

Just leave your best guess in the comments, and once the new HRH is here I will find out who was right and send you an autographed book!!!  Good luck and have fun….

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