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The day job, people. The day job.

It’s impinging on my life in ways that are not fun.

Add to this the fact that on Friday my son moves into the dorms at COLLEGE and you can count me as ::flails:::

My baby is going to COLLEGE. We’re going down Thursday evening, I’ll cry or try not to cry all day Friday. Then come home without the boy Saturday morning. Aghhh!!!!

I’m scattered and feeling like I should go watch the last Stewarts and Colberts of his pre-college life with him. Because, wahhhhh!!!

Yes, he is aware I am not dealing well with this.

And that’s my post for this Wednesday.

College. Wow. He was 8lbs 10oz when he was born and now he’s going to college.

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Elena Greene
9 years ago

Hugs, Carolyn. Crying is OK. I expect I’ll do a lot of it about a year from now when I’m in the same situation.

Louisa Cornell
9 years ago

Sending you a hug as well. And thank you for raising the kind of young man who wants to go off to college rather than spend his life schlepping around Walmart in flip flops with his pants down to his knees talking to six women on an Iphone the size of a Pop Tart. Unfortunately some of those young men were raised by my cousins. Sigh.

He’ll do fine. You raised him!

Diane Gaston
9 years ago

Carolyn, this is what all those years were for. You’ll be so proud of him!!!

Huge hugs, though!

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