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Catching Up and Letting Go

Alas, I must postpone the shoe-off one more week. Sorry. I owe Risky Megan a challenge email. I’m thinking of challenging the rest of the Riskies, too…

Anyway, to be honest, I’ve been distracted this past week. My son moved into the dorms at college on Friday and I’ve returned to a quiet house where things are subtly different. I was proud and happy to see him off of this next adventure, but even so, I miss his presence.

I am trying to keep up with the writing of The Next Historical and to do that, I must keep this post short. So, until next week, I leave you wondering who, at my household, will be the official lightbulb changer now that the six foot 2+ teen is not here.

(that would be me.)

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Lisa Wagner
9 years ago

Oh, Carolyn, I can relate. My son is heading off to college today.

Elena Greene
9 years ago

Hugs to both of you, Carolyn and Lisa. I’m starting to feel the pangs as my oldest is a senior this year. I’ll still have one at home, but she’s also eager to get out into the world, looking into high school exchange student programs and such. It’s a good thing, I know, but…

Isobel Carr
9 years ago

That’s what breaks are for. Until then, you can suffer in the dark and complain about it to him on FaceBook, LOL!

Diane Gaston
9 years ago

Carolyn, this is hitting you hard!!! Big huge hugs to you.

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