Back from New Jersey!

defaultthumbI had the great good fortune to spend the weekend in New Jersey (I’m not joking. I love New Jersey) at the New Jersey Romance Writers conference.

IMG_0176A Reputation for Notoriety was a Golden Leaf contest finalist for Best Historical, but, alas, my book did not win. The good news is that my friend Sally MacKenzie‘s Surprising Lord Jack won instead.

Fellow Riskies, Elena, Megan, Myretta, and Gail also attended the conference. I was able to spend a little time with each of them; a lot of time with Elena.

Regency and Scottish Historical author Cathy MaxwellRWA_speech was also at the conference and gave a very inspiring workshop on Empowering the Writer. Her message was, basically, be true to yourself, as a writer and a person. In a very moving story she made the point that Man is an unfinished product and that every morning we should wake up and decide how to complete ourselves that day. We can fill ourselves with confidence, creativity, good will, optimism, or we can fill ourselves with fear, pessimism, and ill will. It is our choice.

So, today, how will you try to complete yourself?

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Elena Greene
9 years ago

Well, the day is nearly over but I’ve tried to complete myself by taking care of family and home after having been away for the weekend. And working on figuring out how to get more writing time in again.

That was a great workshop within a truly wonderful conference. It was great to see you again, and fun to share a table at the booksigning. (Diane is much better at these things than I am!)

Louisa Cornell
9 years ago

I’ve heard so many great things about this conference and a number of my critique partners attended this year. They both mentioned meeting you, O Divine One!

Cathy Maxwell is such an inspiring speaker. Going to work hard to complete myself in positive ways no matter how much life tries to beat the positive out of me!

Laurel Hawkes
9 years ago

Signed a new contract, edited the next book coming out in Dec, and added to one of the current WIPs. A good day.

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