I totally forgot it was Monday!

It was a lovely Christmas! I hope yours was, as well.

Northanger_Abbey_CE_Brock_Vol_II_chap_IXI’m just back from Williamsburg, visiting the in-laws. We had a gathering of our whole family, including the cutest grandson EVER. He’s now 6 mos old and the current love of my life. So please excuse me for forgetting my blog day.

It has been a holiday season with almost no Regency tie-in. I have been re-reading Northanger Abbey in preparation for Kathy Gilles Seidel’s annual Austen workshop for Washington Romance Writers on January 11.

Tomorrow I’m anticipating two parties – lunch and an evening party. For the evening party, I’m supposed to bring something. Wouldn’t it be funny if I brought a Regency dish?

What should it be??

(Happy New Year, everyone!)

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Diane Gaston is the RITA award-winning author of Historical Romance for Harlequin Historical and Mills and Boon, with books that feature the darker side of the Regency. Formerly a mental health social worker, she is happiest now when deep in the psyches of soldiers, rakes and women who don’t always act like ladies.
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3 Responses to Omigosh!

  1. I have seen a photo so I can just imagine how adorable he is now !!

    And if you want to take a Regency dish certain to stir up debate and wonder, how about eel pie?

  2. Elena Greene says:

    I’m discombobulated this week too.

    Eel pie would definitely be memorable! But if you don’t want to be quite that memorable, that Quaking Pudding Isobel mentioned a few days ago sounds like a crowd-pleasing alternative.

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