Risky Regencies

A Modest Birthday Celebration

Today is my birthday (I won’t tell you which one).

Because I was away for the weekend, giving a workshop for the Florida Stars (Spacecoast Authors of Romance), I am very tired and in the mood for a very modest birthday celebration. Going out to dinner.

04317rIn the Regency, modest celebrations on birthdays were the norm, unless you were royalty. If you were royalty BIG celebrations might be in order. Non-royal families would celebrate with a cake or some special treat, but not the big party with lots of presents and balloons and lots of cake and ice cream that we think of when we think of birthday parties.

I much prefer a Regency-style celebration, with my sisters, my brother-in-law, and my dh at a Macaroni Grill. The kids (and the cutest grandson EVER) live out of town and certainly could not come on a Monday. I’m spending a quiet day that I desperately need and dinner out with no dishes to do afterward is my cup of tea!

How do you like your birthdays? Regency-style or with balloons?

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8 years ago

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your quiet dinner.

Elena Greene
8 years ago

Happy birthday, Diane!

For my last “milestone” birthday I invited lots of people to the house and we had a great time. But I usually prefer modest birthday celebrations at home. The last few years I’ve had my daughters prepare an all appetizer dinner: baby quiches, spanakopitas, stuffed mushrooms, that sort of thing, and then they decorate a chocolate cake from my favorite bakery. Yeah, and they clean up afterwards.

Louisa Cornell
8 years ago

Wishing you the very happiest of birthdays, O Divine One !! And many, many happy returns of the day!

I prefer the quiet Regency style birthday. Any meal I don’t have to clean up after is a great meal. They closed the Macaroni Grill in Montgomery, which was the one closest to me. I was sad to see it go as the food was quite good.

My birthday is always hard to celebrate as it comes four days after Christmas and no one is in the mood for a party or cake four days after Christmas!

Amanda McCabe
8 years ago

Happy belated birthday!!! The only thing I need for a happy celebration is cake 🙂

Heidi Kneale
8 years ago

For me, it varies. If it’s a Birthday of Significance (like, Big 4-0h), I like a shindig.

If it’s just another birthday (like, 41), quietude satisfies me. Gimmie a cake and good food, and I’m happy. Don’t really care about presents at my age.

I’ve always shared my birthday with someone else, so I like inviting others who share my same birthday (or even birth date) and have one Really Big Party. I feel lonely if I’m the only birthday girl.

Angelfood cake. I MUST have angelfood cake. It’s tradition.

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