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Caption This Picture!

Caption This! Leave your suggested Caption in the comments. I have a few of my own below.

1811 Regency Fashion picture
“Title Me”

“Title me” is actually pretty dang funny caption because, you see, she’s coming downstairs to greet the handsome Lord Rakesalot….

What else? How about this?

Gown: check
Coat: check
Hat: check

What are yours? Feel free to add facts if needed.

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Susan in AZ
Susan in AZ
8 years ago

I really need those new shoes.

2nd caption:
Does this hat make my rear look fat?

Sandra Schwab
8 years ago

“Drat! Didn’t think of the bust improvers when I bought this pelisse!” 😉

peggy Quidor
peggy Quidor
8 years ago

The duchess wears no shoes do you smell that.

Debora Hosey
Debora Hosey
8 years ago

Lady B at midnight, on her way to the manor library in search of a book and a tryst

Well, it sort of looked like night wear!

8 years ago

She had no need of slippers; she had FRINGE!

Louisa Cornell
8 years ago

I borrowed the pelisse from Brummel. Isn’t it divine?

8 years ago

Pay up on that wager, Lord Rakesalot. See! I did manage to get ready to go out in under four hours!

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