Lady In Red

1780s habit2
Habit, c. 1780s

This week’s post fulfills my promise to showcase red gowns. There are numerous extant examples, ranging from habits (red is a very common habit color, and the most common color for cloaks from what I can tell) to day dresses, to fancy evening gowns. They come in every fabrication possible (wool, silk, netting, linen, cotton) and appear across classes (you see plenty of reds in the scraps preserved in Threads of Feeling). Frankly, Pinterest is overrun with examples.

open robe 1790
Open Robe, c. 1790
1795 round kci
Round Gown, c. 1795
red net dress
Shawl Gown, c. 1800
Printed Gown, c. 1800-1805
1808 example front
Red Dot Apron Gown, c. 1800-1810
net dress 1811
Red Net Gown, c. 1810-1815
1820 1822 red muslin evening dress
Red Muslin Evening Gown, c. 1820


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