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RoyalWeddingKissHappy Tuesday, everyone, from the gray, stormy, windy, allergy-ridden middle of the country!!!  I have been a bad blogger lately, but now I am back from a few days off and ready to jump back into the Elizabethan world of my WIP (Murder in the Queen’s Garden, book 3 of my Kate Haywood mystery series!).  I also have a little contest, for an apology and also to celebrate the wedding anniversary of the Cambridges. 🙂

Three years ago, on April 29, I got up super-early in the morning to turn on the TV and watch a grand royal wedding at Westminster Abbey (and also have an excuse for cake and champagne before noon!).  It was all so lovely, so elegant and regal, yet also romantic and touching.  I had fun this morning looking at all the images of Kate’s beautiful gown, the adorable little flower girls, the kiss on the balcony.

RunningTemptationCoverThis month also saw the release of my short story Running Into Temptation (part of my Bancrofts of Barton Park series!).  It also centers around a wedding, but a very different one from Kate and William’s.  Melanie Harding and Philip Carrington were sort of the “villains” of Running From Scandal, two fortune hunters who set their sights on the hero and heroine of that story.  But as I was writing about them, I somehow had an inkling that they weren’t as bad as all that.  Sure, their life circumstances had led them to some not-so-great behavior, but they wanted to be better, find their place in life–and they manage to find it in the most unexpected place, at Gretna Green, married to each other (of all people!!!).  I loved getting to spend time with them on their adventures over the border, and finding out who they really were….

So, for a happy anniversary celebration of my own, I will give away one copy of Running Into Temptation to one commenter!!!  What is your favorite royal wedding???

(for more info on the story, you can see it here at Amazon, or at my own website….)

Gretna Green, 1814

After narrowly avoiding scandal with a falsehearted rake, Miss Melanie Harding is sent to live quietly in the country. No balls. No parties. Certainly no flirting with dashing strangers whose dark eyes hint at all kinds of delicious wickedness.

All of Philip Carrington’s practical plans evaporate the moment he encounters Melanie. Is it foolishness to run away with her to Scotland, or the wisest thing he’s ever done? The lovely, impetuous Miss Harding kisses like an angel—and brings out the very devil in him. And together, they may discover the most passionate adventure of all….


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Amanda Ward
8 years ago

Oh blimey that’s a hard question. I remember all the royal weddings from Prince Charles and Lady Di down to recent ones. Emotion wise, I think that Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary’s wedding (Denmark) is spot on, and the perfect combination of the ceremonial, yet personal. I particularly loved the way Queen Margrethe blew Frederik a kiss. Also when he wiped a tear away as he saw Mary arrive, and then that totally spontaneous kiss. For pure ceremonial, it would have to be Kate and Williams. We Brits really do put on a good show.

Betty Sanders
Betty Sanders
8 years ago

Just bought it. Can’t wait to read it.

Kathy Nye
Kathy Nye
8 years ago

I watched both Diana and Charles’s wedding and William and Kate’s on tv. My fav was William and Kate. They just seemed so happy and so in love. Everyone was smiling and so was I. (Loved her gown).

Amanda McCabe
8 years ago

I thought Crown Princess Mary looked so lovely at her wedding….

Trudy Miner
Trudy Miner
8 years ago

That’s difficult to answer. I got up early for both Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding and for Prince William’s and Kate’s wedding. The pomp and circumstance in each wedding was fabulous but I think William and Kate’s wedding was more real while Charles and Diana’s was more fairy-tale. America doesn’t have anything like this, not even close.

8 years ago

I can’t believe it’s so long since William and Kate’s wedding! I have a soft spot for Princess Anne’s wedding to Captain Mark Philips, since it was the first one I saw. I only saw parts of it as I was out with my mother (I was only a child) but I remember it being on all the TVs in the shop windows we were passing.

Congrats on the new release!

8 years ago

don’t have a fav

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