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Club_Med_SunsetI’ve just returned from a 2 week family vacation: a week in the Bahamas with a little time before and after to visit my husband’s family in Orlando.

Because my oldest is heading off to college, I wanted to have one more big family vacation and splurged on a trip to the Club Med at San Salvador in the Bahamas. No cooking, cleaning or driving once we got there. Just lots of great food, friendly staff and fellow guests, cute French Canadian kids for my daughters to dance with (the resort is very French), snorkeling, and sun like we never see in upstate New York.

Club Med Oasis DrinkHere’s me with one of the Club Med specialty drinks. It’s called an Oasis–kind of a gin and tonic fancied up with blue Curacao and mint leaves. Refreshing and very pretty!

Club_Med_ViewAnd here’s the view from our room. Besides ogling pretty tropical fish and enjoying the drinks and food (did I mention the chocolate croissants at every breakfast?) I also enjoyed sitting out on the balcony and story brainstorming.

I haven’t gotten very far yet with the series I mentioned earlier; I’m still doing research. But I did finish outlining an idea I’d had earlier for a prequel to Lady Em’s Indiscretion, my sexy novella. This story will feature the couple who own the folly in which Lady Em and her hero had their romantic interlude. I’m also thinking about a story for Lady Em’s brother, so eventually this may become a trilogy of novellas for those of my readers who enjoy a short reads that are a bit hotter than my usual.

So what has everyone else been doing? Any good vacations or accomplishments? Any interesting cocktails you’ve tried recently, or that are your favorites?


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Louisa Cornell
8 years ago

I just spent my first week of work after RWA National Conference in San Antonio and I have to say …. I really hate my job! 🙁 However, I am more determined than ever to get my work out there for people to read! I haven’t given up completely on a traditionally published career, but I have come to the conclusion a hybrid career – some self pubbed, some trad pubbed is more the way to go if at all possible. I was and am definitely inspired. I simply have to do the work.

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