Deadline Mania!

LadyHighwaymanHelp!  I have a WIP due in (gulp) less than two weeks, and am, as usual, a bit behind.  So let’s have a contest!  I have a DVD of a wonderfully horrible 1989 movie (from a Barbara Cartland novel!), The Lady and the Highwayman.  It has–wait for it–a young Hugh Grant as a Restoration highwayman.  With a mullet!!!!  This film MUST be seen to be believed, and I will give it away to one commenter on today’s post.  Just tell me–what’s your favorite “so bad it’s great” movie?  What do you watch when you need a laugh, or a comfort-watch?

See you on the other side of my deadline!

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12 Responses to Deadline Mania!

  1. Susan in AZ says:


    An 80’s, totally horrible mishmash of Science Fiction and Medieval Romance with completely disgusting secondary characters! Can you say Cyclops?

  2. Rhoda Fort says:

    I have so many “guilty pleasures” it’s hard to think of them all, but the one I love most is The Room with Tommy Wiseau. It is so bad it is hilarious. When I want a good laugh, I go back to this movie.

  3. OMG !! I haven’t thought about KRULL in ages !! I saw it when it opened in the theaters. (Telling my age there.) It has to be seen to be believed !! I need to find it on DVD for those days when nothing by HORRIBLE will do!

    Mine would be THE FRIGHTENERS ! It is actually a Peter Jackson film starring Michael J. Fox. It is supposed to be a comic horror film, but Good Lord there is so much going on in it and so much over the top campiness it is a scream. And I still watch it every year around Halloween just because it is so bad. Then again, I watch the Nightmare on Elm Street movies for the same reason. I work at Walmart. I am tough to scare!

  4. librarypat says:

    I think I may have seen the VHS copy of this film years ago. If I remember correctly, your assessment of it is correct.
    For fun I watch Star Trek 5, The Voyage Home. The time travel back to California in the 60’s is so much fun. another fun one is Mama Mia. A bit cheesy at times and the song sequence with the credits is so bad it is good.
    For comfort it would be Seven Brides For Seven Brothers or Pride And Prejudice (Colin Firth version).

  5. Zardoz. Post-apocalyptic fantasy starring Sean Connery.

    The cover features him in a bandoliered variation of a mankiki. Turns out, that’s pretty much ALL he wears for the whole movie.

    Talk about truth in advertising.

  6. HJ says:

    I’m having a problem identifying anything, since I tend to read when I need a laugh, or comfort. The first film which came to mind is not a bad film at all, but it is amusing: Mel Brooks’s Blazing Saddles.

    That cover shows a classic mullet!

  7. HJ says:

    PS It occurs to me that since I live in the UK I would probably be unable to watch the DVD, so don’t include me in the draw.

  8. Sharknado!!

    I watched it last year because my Twitter feed exploded as east coasters started watching it and their hilarious comments made me want to join in. So glad I did. We rolled on the couch with laughter. It was so terrible.

    Please don’t include me in the giveaway. Thanks.

  9. Elena Greene says:

    Good luck with your deadline, Amanda! Sending good writing vibes your way.

    I don’t have a favorite bad movie, but I do have some comfort ones. My favorite Jane Austen films, of course, and like Library Pat, I love Star Trek 5. Lately I’ve been enjoying watching Avengers and related films. Even though there’s action and danger, somehow the humor and good triumphing in the end makes them feel good. The hot guys don’t hurt either.

  10. I wore out a VHS of Romancing the Stone. Every time I felt blue i popped it in.

  11. Bibliophile says:

    I have seen The Lady and the Highwayman and have been trying to obtain a copy for years. In my memory the costuming and setting are pretty good, and everything else charmingly bad.

    My favourite “so bad it’s good” movie is Grease 2. It stars a young Michelle Pfeiffer in what is pretty much a gender-swapped, exaggerated version of the original.

  12. Julie Fetter says:

    We love to laugh and groan through Joe vs the Volcano.

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