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Horse Guards

One of the stops on the Duke of Wellington tour was Horse Guards. Horse Guards was the office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Forces during “our” era, and it exists today as headquarters of two major Army commands: the London District and the Household Cavalry. We were there to tour the Household Cavalry Museum, but we were able to see the retiring of the guards.
When we first arrived, a guard on horseback was posted at the gate and the tourists were using him as a photo op, which bothered me. But I took a photo anyway.
Here’s a short video of the Guards.

In Apsley House we saw this painting showing the Duke of Wellington leaving his command at Horse Guards for the last time. It is titled His Last Return From Duty. This is a drawing of that painting in the tunnel under the street between Apsley House and the Wellington Arch.

More lovely memories from my England trip!

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Elena Greene
8 years ago

Thanks for another great post. Love the pictures and wish I could have been there with you!

Laurel Hawkes
8 years ago

I agree with Elena. Thanks for sharing a bit of your adventure.

ki pha
ki pha
8 years ago

That last photo of Wellington at the Horse Guards is just very somber, but in a good way.

But I do agree that the tourist surrounding and having photo ops with the guards were very annoying to watch.

ki pha
ki pha
8 years ago
Reply to  Diane Gaston

LoL I did all my share of getting lost before the tour even started at the airports so I think it those took up its place during the tour. 🙂

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