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The winner of the DVD of The Lady and the Highwayman is—Bibliophile!  Please email me at amccabe7551 AT yahoo and I will get it mailed out to you.  Be sure and let us know what you think of it!

Hazard1In looking for “comfort watch” movies lately (as I still crawl on toward The End of the WIP), I found I had one more Barbara Cartland movie in my library (I know there were more–I especially remember one about a tall blonde heiress who pretended to be a ladies’ companion in order to warn the hero that his eeeevil cousin was going to kill him, though I can’t recall the title…).  The one I have is the fabulously ridiculous Hazard of Hearts, with a very young Helena Bonham Carter as the wonderfully named Serena Staverly, whose father gambles her off to an eeeevil rake, who in turn loses her to the hero, Lord Vulcan.  There is a castle in Cornwall, complete with cliffs and crashing waves, smugglers, and a wonderful villainess played by Diana Rigg.  I must watch it again.  (there are also some gorgeous Regency-fantasy costumes, as you can see from this bonnet…)

Speaking of costumes, Friday is my very favorite holiday–Halloween!  I don’t have a Regency gown this year (I’m going as Queen Elsa from Frozen), but I am hoping to see some lovely creations at the various parties.  What are you planning for Halloween???

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4 Responses to Winners! And Stuff

  1. Elena Greene says:

    LOL on Hazard of Hearts–I remember reading it in my teens and knowing it was a guilty pleasure even then! Helena Bonham Carter looks about 12 in that picture.

    I donned my witch hat this weekend when I decorated spooky (not very!) cookies with little kids at our church party.

    On the actual day, I’ll be schlepping my daughter to not one, but two Halloween parties. How did this nerdy introvert give birth to a social butterfly?

  2. Hazard of Hearts is so bad it acquires a sort of greatness: all those astonishingly inaccurate hats and Helena BH slouching around like a bad case of indigestion.

  3. librarypat says:

    Congratulations, Bibliophile. Enjoy.

    HAZARD OF HEARTS looks interesting. I enjoy watching movies that are so bad they are good. You don’t have to take them seriously and you can just have fun watching them. As for the actors, they have to get their start somewhere.

  4. ki pha says:

    Awesome! And as for Halloween, I do have a dress that I can masquerade in as a Regency gown and I do have a Regency dress too, but this year I’m going to dress it all up in Victorian Steampunk! Gears and bronze, browns and metals. Missing my all time item: the goggles, but I’ll pull it off with my glasses. 🙂

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