Risky Regencies

The Wellington Exhibition

At Stratfield Saye, the Duke of Wellington’s country house, the stables are turned into a museum showing artifacts from the Duke’s life.
The star of the exhibit is, of course, the Victorianly-excessive funeral carriage.
But there were other pieces, too.

Wellington’s umbrella with a steel spike used in 1830 during the Reform Bill Riots when Wellington was not very popular with the citizenry.
A dispatch bag belonging to Joseph Bonaparte’s treasurer captured after the Battle of Vitoria
A caricature
A feed bag
Record of feeding of horses (Copenhagen is listed)
Photograph of footmen in livery

Omigosh, that livery looks dreadful! Not at all like handsome Thomas from Downton Abbey
(Not that any Regency footman would be dressed as Thomas!)

Can you tell I’m still missing England?

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ki pha
ki pha
8 years ago

Oh wow! I’m shocked I missed the record of the horse feedings! Argh~

But that photo of the footmen just makes me smile. Though the clothing should have been like Thomas’ and less like a soldier’s uniform it’s still nice to see it.

Laurel Hawkes
8 years ago

Does one every truly stop missing England? There will always be a place in my heart occupied by my heritage and by the people I met when I lived there. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Susan in AZ
Susan in AZ
8 years ago

I’ll take Thomas off your hands. Really. Just tell me where to pick him up.

Louisa Cornell
8 years ago

I love seeing all of these photos as I missed out on the lovely trip, O Divine One! And I would go in a New York minute if I had the money. One day !! However, I did receive a lovely postcard of the Goya portrait of Artie from Kristine recently! Looking for just the right frame for it so I can keep it on my desk as inspiration! 🙂

8 years ago

Fascinating! Copenhagen is horse nr. 24 in the list 🙂
I don’t think Thomas would have liked wearing that kind of livery, particularly that strange looking headgear.

M. Denise Costello
8 years ago

Wonderful to see these photos, Diane. I miss England, too!

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