Christmas in Duke Street!

Cover of Christmas in Duke Street: showing a Regency man and woman against a snowy background, a distant fancy house and distant Christmas tree covered with snow.
Christmas in Duke Street

Yay! It’s never too soon for a holiday anthology of wonderful stories by Miranda Neville, Yours Truly, Shana Galen and Grace Burrowes, am I right?

Four original holiday stories by four bestselling authors. My story is called A Seduction in Winter and I think it came out pretty awesome. In fact ALL the stories are awesome.

There’s a prize too! Details at the end!

Who doesn’t want Chicken Poop?

I will send three randomly selected commenters a copy of the summer anthology Dancing in The Duke’s Arms by the same authors.

But wait! There’s more! I will also send those same lucky commenters some of the best lip balm ever. Chicken Poop. Yes. Chicken Poop. In case you’re worried, as you can see from the photos below, there is NO ACTUAL POOP in the lip balm.

So don’t worry! You could end up with two fabulous books (one free and one for $4.99 or the nearest VAT inclusive currency eqiuvalent) for a total of 8 stories, plus Chicken Poop.

Photo of a tube of Chicken Poop Lip Balm. You want this. Seriously.
Chicken Poop
Image of Chicken Poop Lip Balm assuring us all it contains no poop. which it doesn't.
Contains no Poop

About Christmas in Duke Street

Christmas in London is a busy time at the little bookshop in Duke Street, for love, literature, and shopping. Four couples come and go and discover that happy ever after makes the perfect Christmas gift. A new anthology from the bestselling authors of Christmas in the Duke’s Arms and Dancing in the Duke’s Arms.

The Rake Who Loved Christmas by Miranda Neville

Sir Devlyn Stratton wants to save his brother from an unprincipled adventuress, especially when he meets Oriel Sinclair and wants her for himself. Oriel won’t marry for convenience or become a rake’s mistress. But succumbing to Dev’s seduction is all too tempting.

A Seduction in Winter by Carolyn Jewel

He’s an artist and a duke’s heir. She’s sheltered and scarred. Can he show her by Christmas that love can be theirs to share?

A Prince in her Stocking by Shana Galen

Lady Cassandra has always done as she’s been told. Meek and malleable, she’s lived a life devoid of passion. When she meets a handsome man rumored to be an exiled prince, she sees one last chance at excitement. Little does she know, too much excitement can be dangerous.

The Appeal of Christmas by Grace Burrowes

The best Christmas present is the one he didn’t realize he desperately needed.

What They’re Saying

THE RAKE WHO LOVED CHRISTMAS is filled with emotions, love, sadness, hope, bittersweet moments. Ms. Neville paints a Regency winter so authentic, you cannot help but be sucked in right into her world. And not all characters are always nice, but how delightful when they see the error of their ways and redeem themselves. Another glorious romance by the wonderful Miranda Neville!

A SEDUCTION IN WINTER is a perfectly magnificent book! Honora’s story is heartbreaking, and Ms. Jewell [sic] kept me enthralled with Honora’s fate. The art world is beautifully depicted, the dialogue is splendid.

A PRINCE IN HER STOCKING revolves around books, and a bookstore. There are surprises at every corner, fabulous plot twists, and terrific character development, especially when it comes to Cass. The writing flows beautifully, the chemistry between Cass and Lucien is palpable; what a wonderful story it is!

The characters are all splendid, and I enjoyed very much the little bit about Mr. and Mrs. Merriweather, of the bookshop. THE APPEAL OF CHRISTMAS is clever, superbly written, very romantic; another lovely story from Ms. Burrowes!
— Amazon

Where to Get Christmas In Duke Street

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Three lucky commenters will get a copy of the previous anthology, Dancing in the Duke’s Arms, AND their very own Chicken Poop. To enter, read the rules below and follow the instructions:

Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. Multiple comments do not increase the chances of selection as a winner. All prizes will be awarded. If the winners do not respond to the notification within 10 days, an alternate winner will be selected. International OK. Winner randomly selected using the And The Winner Is plugin.

It’s not really possible or wise to gift ebooks anymore. I’ll email you your preferred file format. If you prefer print, that will be shipped to you.

To enter, leave a comment on this post by midnight Eastern October 17, 2015.


About carolyn

Carolyn Jewel was born on a moonless night. That darkness was seared into her soul and she became an award winning and USA Today bestselling author of historical and paranormal romance. She has a very dusty car and a Master’s degree in English that proves useful at the oddest times. An avid fan of fine chocolate, finer heroines, Bollywood films, and heroism in all forms, she has two cats and a dog. Also a son. One of the cats is his.
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8 Responses to Christmas in Duke Street!

  1. ki pha says:

    Oh my gosh! Happy Release Day! I can’t wait to read this. My favorite authors in one book! But Chicken Poop? why give it that name?

  2. Bonnie says:

    Loved last year’s Christmas book, and look forward to reading this one. Chicken poop? hmm, not so sure about that….

  3. Satu M. says:

    Oh I love christmas romances! They are just the thing to get in the mood early.

    Why is it not possible or wise to gift ebooks anymore?

    • @Satu: If an author gifts a book to a reader, Amazon has been known to decide that means the author and that reader are friends in real life and that means that reader, should she review any of that author’s books, would be prohibited from any more reviews of that author, and the previous reviews would be deleted. Amazon also sees gifts of books as paying for reviews, and that can get many of the reviews of that author’s books deleted.

      I totally understand that Amazon does this because some authors have behaved very badly. But I don’t want to risk getting caught up in any of that, so I never gift a book of mine to anyone.

  4. I’m a sucker for Regency Romances (natch).

    I’m also fond of chickens.

    I love lip balm–positively addicted to the stuff. But… Chicken Poop? Now I’m deadly curious.

    I like the sound of Shana’s “A Prince in her Stocking”. I love me a shy heroine who breaks out of her shell.

  5. bn100 says:

    interesting type of lip balm

  6. Huzzah ! I LOVED the last one and Christmas anthologies are often the reason I get through working retail during the holidays without appearing on the six o’ clock news.

    Looks like another fabulous set of stories, ladies.

    Hmm. Chicken poop. Throughout history I am quite certain women have put nastier things on their faces in aid of beautification.

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