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Here are a few discoveries from around the web today.

First, two of the few remaining seventeenth century houses in London have been given Grade II listings. They’re on Denmark Street in Soho, and would first have been middle class dwellings, then in the Regency, part of the notorious St. Giles Rookery. Later in the nineteenth century, they became used for industry, metal working and shops. They retain a lot of their original features–look at this wonderful doorway:

7-denmark-st-p1110772exterior-6-7-denmark-st-p1110713And here’s a view from the street. Now, there’s an interesting factoid associated with the listing of these houses. Soho in the mid-twentieth century became associated with London’s musical life, (and other things too, such as the sex industry and good restaurants). In the mid 1970s an outbuilding of 6 Denmark Street was used as a recording studio by none other, wait for it, the Sex Pistols. Some of their graffiti still survive. And the buildings have been recognized in a year which coincides with the 40th anniversary of Punk. Yes, Punk is now an institution, recognized by none less than the British government.

For more about the houses and for a good timewaste, visit

Another wonderful site if you’re in a spending frame of mind is the British Library shop.

cakestandMany terrific, literary-themed goodies are here, including some truly gorgeous Alice in Wonderland items such as this cake stand. I have lustful dreams about this cake stand. Thank goodness I don’t bake and thank goodness it’s out of stock.

There are also some very lovely items  connected with the library’s 2013 Georgians Revealed Exhibit. And of course if you absolutely have to do some research, there’s all this stuff.

Now on to think locally if you’re in the Washington DC area. A couple of great events are coming up, both on the same day, April 2, but you have time in between to put your feet up and then stuff them into your dancing shoes.

First, JASNA-DC presents Lizzie + Darcy 4Ever: All About Jane Austen Fan Fiction, a panel discussion with some JAFF authors. It’s free, in Bethesda Library starting at 10:30 am. Details here.

Then in the evening, the Spring Ball at Dumbarton House takes place. The dances will be called with walk throughs and you don’t have to put on your Regency drag unless you want to/have some. Admission includes three glasses of wine (I can just hear Jane Austen asking, “Only three?”).

Found anything good online recently, or do you have plans for fun activities?

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ki pha
ki pha
6 years ago

Wow, we need to go check these places out in person. But what I found or read more like on the web was of an article about how 19th century / Victorian doctors and researchers “concluded” that novel reading was bad for females, and that it can do harm to the organs and bring upon premature deaths. Not just that but that it will also turn a child/ young girl into a phyically mature woman within days/months or even years before her time.

I will have to look up those real articles and journals from the British Journal.

Gail Eastwood
6 years ago

Wow, Janet, leave it to you to find some truly tempting diversions to dangle in front of us!! Now I’m lusting after that cake plate, too –especially because I am beginning to make plans for another FB fundraiser for my friend who needs a kidney transplant –and this time it’s going to be a “tea party” theme (mad or otherwise). I’m looking for prizes to offer, and wouldn’t that plate have made a dandy one? Of course I have no budget so even if available, it wouldn’t have been possible. I’m so thrilled those houses have been recognized in London! Wish I had time to check out all of your links…

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