RARMDid you know that August is Read A Romance month? it’s a growing movement started by romance advocate Bobbi Dumas who reviews for NPR, the New York Times and Kirkus.  Click on this link for details on RARM:

This year I am participating along with 92 other authors including, among others Regency authors, Joanna Bourne, Lauren Wittig, Cathy Maxwell, Caroline Linden and Jade Lee. There are 93 authors in all, three each day of the month. Authors answer questions based on this year’s theme, books they recommend and more personal recollections of romantic moments in their own lives.

Take a minute to check out the calendar, make a copy and be sure to share the details with your friends See if some of your favorite authors are interviewed, come by on their day, read and comment.

MY DATE is Monday August 21. PARM2I’ll remind you more than once so you WILL remember.

I read, write and love romance! Have you heard of Read A Romance Month before this post? Do you have any other favorite sites that celebrate romance?

About Mary Blayney

I have been writing both contemporary and regency romances since 1986, first with contemporary romances for Silhouette and later with historicals set in the Regency period. Family will always play a strong part in my books since, for me, family relationships are as fundamental as the love between a man and a woman.
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5 Responses to Read-A-Romance-Month

  1. ki pha says:

    Oh yes, I’ve been keeping up with this for a couple of years now. I absolutely love Bobbi for celebrating this and sharing it to a wide range of romance readers and authors. This year Bustle dot com is also celebrating read a romance month in August and have blog posts written about why folks should read romance, book recs, different subgenres, how to respond to romance haters, etc… It’s definitely hilarious and heartwarming. And it’s great Romance is being celebrated.

  2. Thanks for the info, Mary! I have heard of it, but not really understood what it was all about. I’ll be back on August 21st – and I hope everyone reads your Braedon series during the month. One can not find more vivid, compelling and honorable lovers than they will on those pages!

    • Mary Blayney says:

      I appreciate the promo, Emelle. Glad I could expand your understanding of RAMA. Maybe next year you can participate.

    • diane says:

      I loved Mary’s Braedon series!! There’s something so elegant and fine in her stories. Loved them.

      I’ve happily been a part of Read A Romance Month before, a couple of times. Will look for you on Aug 21, Mary!

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